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CameraLabTester: "they were willing to work with my concepts"

They agreed.



If they had access to a Time Machine allowing them to view the photos in advance, I wonder how many would still be willing?

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ALFREDofAVALON: The objections really have nothing to do with patriotism, but quality - aesthetics, visual grammar, protocol and respect are enough, without even bringing up the subject of patriotism and/or your disdain for patriotism.

His work is not inspiring, indeed. And if any subject should be depicted in an inspiring way, new, fresh, unique or otherwise, it is these athletes who are the very tops in human athletic achievement.

Who the heck thinks they have the right to denigrate their achievement with debasing them as common, by way of humiliating photographic depictions, under the phony guise of "unique or fresh?" They are anything but common. They are heroes, whether you acknowledge that or not. These Olympians have proven their mettle. They are in a VERY exclusive club.

Olympic Portraits are not really the place for photographers (or art directors) to contemplate their navels with the drivel of "fine art" absurdism and purposely offensive imagery.


It is highly unlikely the person who had the poor judgement to produce these photos will understand or be concerned by the objections.

The final judgement of any artistic endeavor is ultimately determined in the court of public opinion....I doubt many voters will reach for their wallets for the privilege of owning one of these prints and I doubt 20 years from now these will be the prints the Olympians chose to show their grandchildren.

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There is a time and place for creativity....two instances where respect and tradition should receive higher priority are singing the national anthem and photographing the USA Olympic Team.
So much of photography is about the privilege of access.....this guy was given access and failed on all accounts. As others point out, aside from the disrespectful composition the quality of the photos is stunningly poor.
I suspect Klamar took a giant step backwards in his career and his access to famous subjects will be restricted...

CFynn's link points out the contrast with what was possible and illustrates a far more appropriate use of the athletes time.

To each his own, but my vote is two big thumbs way down.

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On article Leica unveils X2 16MP premium large-sensor compact (207 comments in total)

People buy cameras for many different reasons, decisions are often not driven by specifications. I passed on the X1 due to the poor reviews and purchased an X100 as soon as they were released....I love it!

I thought the new X2 might be tempting, but it is not to me. I agree with many posters who still prefer the X100... price is not an issue for me, I will buy what I want.

But holy cow...get a life! It is not worth fighting over and the personal insults detract from what is supposed to be a forum for sharing civil thoughts about photography.

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