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On article DxOMark confirms Canon EOS 1D X II sensor advances (217 comments in total)
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Nobby2016: DXO is not making it public how exactly they reach the score.

the 1DX MK2 is nearly everywhere better than the D5 and only gets the same score.

what is the reason that DXO does not make it public how exactly they weight the scores?

also DR only seems to be really important at low ISO, why?

sony for example has worse DR at high ISO than canon cameras.... yet sony scores always better at DR.

There is a -8 point adjustment for Canon, simple as that ;-)

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ThomasSwitzerland makes a very important point: DxO is a small company and they fight against a giant that has near monopoly on RAW conversion.

But another interesting aspect of DxO is that at some point the quality and robustness of their SW degraded - SW was very unstable, crashing constantly... and they managed to turn around and make their development lifecycle more robust, they even improved the user interface. Their SW is now of much, much higher quality than a few years ago. DxO 9 is a pleasure to use, it is fast, and the quality of the conversion is very high.


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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (711 comments in total)
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Daxs: Got my 70D!
It is better then you think!
Simple! When you start taking pictures you don't want to stop!
And all these negative comments just, just making me laugh! :D

My own comments on focusing: It's great. You may miss spot AF and expansion AF - if you need these you need a different camera. But the system is very fast and accurate. Live view is useable and I have used it with the great on sensor PDAF in circumstances where, due to required position, taking pictures would have been very difficult.

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marike6: One of the posters below gave the best chuckle of the night. They would never buy such a lens because, in their words, it's slow.

a) This lens has a huge 82mm filter thread. A hypothetical zoom with constant f2 or faster max aperture would be the size of a can of Foster's Lager and would cost 4 times the price at least.

b) everybody here is fully aware of the advantages of fast primes but this lens is made for when it's not practical to change lenses to get the shot as in photojournalism, sport, weddings, etc

b) f2.8 is a common max aperture on the standard FF professional grade lens like those from Nikon and Canon.

Much smaller sensor, hence the need for MUCH SMALLER glass - you are comparing 4/3 with FF...

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