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Poetry books available - visit for samples and sources. Armchair bioligist. See "references" on my website for some interesting and diverse reading. Own several cameras and have done a couple of weddings. Too much work!
B.Sc. and M.Sc. in pure mathematics from UofT. Knew poetry would not pay any bills.


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On article A letter from the Publisher (330 comments in total)

First, thanks for a fine website. Occasional videos (the ISS tour, for example) have allowed me to increase your fame in Canada. The return to lens tests is not important to me as I now use zoom cameras only, but I will read them as I find the information insightful.
I agree that six years in photography is like a lifetime in stamp collecting. So much has changed, and your inclusion of drones and cell phones is imho quite appropriate.
A favourite is your lensrental tear downs, which I also read to learn about the physical reality behind the technological advances.
I visit your site almost as often as BBC News and Wikipedia, which is quite a lot.
So, thanks again. I don't care if you co-brand an article, it makes total sense. And, your occasional forays into conferences and manufactories are fascinating.

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I want to thank you for the years of DCResource. I used you almost as much as DPReview; it was useful to have a second opinion.
Right now progress is really on a binge. Driverless cars. AI that can learn GO just from the rules, and beat everyone and every computer. Drones.
It seems likely that the smartphone is the death knell of the compact camera. Maybe even the better all-in-one zooms. I'm thinking Panasonic FZ300. If the smartphone ever gets that zoom range, I'll be wishing I'd sold my 'superzooms' when they were still valuable. Although I do really like having an EVF.
Anyway, thanks again for your fifteen years, and thanks also for contributing at DPReview.

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Airbnb's website will not accept either of two vaild eMails and passwords that work when I use the provider's website.
So, the contest isn't really open ... to Canadians? Please advise.

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This website will not accept my valid eMail address and password. I'm not impressed.

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (892 comments in total)

I am biased. My first EVF was on a Panasonic FZ-18 and had, to be honest, crappy resolution. And yet, I was hooked. We now have a Nikon Coolpix 7800 (my spouse) and panasonic FZ1000 and FZ300. I know the latter isn't as good as the Nikon, but it is weatherproof.
EVF is amazing. In a castle in Spain, there was a large painting one could not really make out. In my EVF I could see it perfectly.
EVF is, imho, almost at the level of glass for 'what you can see' and is very much above glass in terms of 'what other info you can see.'

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I am a retired DP nerd with a B.Sc. in pure math. I have books of poetry for sale. So I have a fairly wide (eclectic?) view of the world.
This video is an important challenge against the use of more coal. Well done.
I wish everyone reading this would tweet to The Donald and the leaders of China so they actually might guess what they are doing to our planet.
May God have mercy on us all.
as for processing, so what. the medium is not the message, after all, eh?

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When I complained about focusing in Canon SLRs, they accused me of being a Nikon Troll (whatever that is, eh?). So, with reluctance, I comment on this move by Nikon. By a fluke, we own no Nikon cameras, but it was very close on many decisions. A very good (and technical genius) friend went with the P7000 (?) and is happy with it, especially after the firmware upgrade that sped it up a bit.
to the point:
Make someone at Nikon point out the absolute dollar (or yen) value of this decision (to reduce outsourcing of parts). Make them tell us why they need this extra money.
To stay alive? some (Nikon) users might voluntarily pay a premium for this. (I might, but not for Nikon and also not for Canon, eh?)
If owners are willing to pay a small premium, and the manufacturer demands it, OK.
And, if not, well. Nikon may have signed its own death certificate. Knowing that I canNot get spare parts at, say,
which is my place of last resort, says: this is wrong.

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