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itsmeavi: People with all the negative comments pls understand that
a) this is a photography website
b) article is about professionalism of a photographer doing his job right even under life threatening circumstances
c) yes there is footage of this unfortunate event but we all know video and stills are different

Be positive and Merry Christmas :)

There are a lot of people here that are complaining about the quality of the photo and are missing the point of the article. I have seen many pictures throughout the years that are of equal of lesser quality but are hailed as great that were shot by pros. You may not agree with the subject matter but this is his job and he is there to document it, not pass judgement on what is going on in front of him. Do you think you could do any better if there was shooting going on? Most people will be ducking for cover and be so scared that they will forget that they even have a camera around their necks.

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elefteriadis alexandros: Huh only digital, no film, what a waist.. digital its for commercial work not for art!! the picture is like a fake, i wonder how more bad they look in real paper without the tonality and dynamic range of film.

Most pros used to shoot slide film and not neg. The reason is when they scanned the film, they got better quality from slide film since slides are a first generation(original) and negs. had to be printed before they could scan it and the print would be a second generation(copy) of the original. If you remember, slides had a much narrower dynamic range than negs. did. The dynamic range of the cameras today is incredible. As long as you process it correctly, digital should look great...

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