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astcell: The D4 is perfect for me. I am selling my D3s. I use 8+fps shooting speeds regularly. I shoot at 50,000 ISO regularly. Black cat in a coal mine stuff. The D800 frame rate is waaaay to slow, and the ISO peaks too early.

I shoot very little video but the D4 wins out for other reason I have yet to see confidently addressed, such as:
-Easier layout of controls for video use
-Backlit buttons
-Faster motor (even 1fps more helps out)
-Cleaner lines

Yup, I splurged and got it. I'm sure my subjects will not know the difference, but when I get that one shot it will all be worth the while.

come on! you shoot 8fps regulary? fine. but upgrade a camera for 1 fps higher? from what i'v seen, you shoot conferences and events and stuff, you dont need 8-9 fps!
you shoot at 50,000 ISO regularly? bulls*it! not the D3s or the D4 are useable at that high ISO.
so dont give me all this bullsh*t about how you push the best gear on the market to it's limits and get amazing shots out of it.
dont look for an excuse to upgrade to a D4... you have a ton of lenses? you have a ton of money? go ahead, no one cares... from what i've seen you need to work on your composition and post instead of spending your time writing how cool you are and how you shoot 50,000 iso at 8 fps with your D3s on forums...

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