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On article Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent (319 comments in total)

These laws in various forms also exist all over the European Union, including Greece, France and Germany. These privacy laws exist to protect powerful elite politicians and also enable the police to harass photographers. In Greece, it's technically illegal to take pictures of any building because the law says the architect has copyright over the image of their buildings, there is no freedom of panorama in Greece. Similarly, there are vague privacy and data protection laws that enable powerful elites to harass journalists and photographers. These laws are applied against photographers the government doesn't like. The European Court of Human Rights has also taken anti-photography and anti-freespeech views. There are powerful elites in Europe who don't want a free press. Local police officers often harass photographers. I plan to emigrate to America and become an American citizen and do my street photography there because of the First Amendment. I don't feel free as a photographer in EU.

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zodiacfml: My jaw dropped...
Sony here's an idea if you truly desire a zoom for the smartphone.
1) Take Nokia's Pureview 808 idea (prime, high quality ultra compact Zeiss lens+1 inch sensor=zoom capability)
2) Get rid of the memory card, internal memory 16/32GB.

We get a slimmer, lighter design that makes more sense and could be attached with a high quality suction cup.

I wouldn't be able to do photography without memory cards... 16 or 32GB of internal memory isn't enough. I carry more than 200GB in memory cards with me every day while doing street photography etc.

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I want both a QX100 and a QX10 for street photography and for taking pictures of strangers without them noticing me. For this, I need to be able to set shutter speed, aperture and ISO manually in fully manual mode, both for video and photos, and I also need a fully manual mode with auto ISO (the TAv mode), as well as an Sv mode (manual ISO with auto aperture and auto shutter). The problem is, Sony thinks this product concept would sell better to people who take photos with their smartphone, so they designed it for non-photographers as most smartphone users aren't photographers. If they designed the QX cameras for real photography, I'm sure they'd sell well because these cameras are godsent for street photographers.

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I want a QX100 and a QX10 for street photography, as well as for photography in shops, supermarkets, malls etc, but I need to be able to have full manual control for shutter, aperture, and ISO both in photography and in video. Without full manual control (especially for shutter speed), they're useless. It's good the new firmware will add shutter-priority mode to QX100, but why don't they add it to the QX10 too? QX10 has a 25mm-equivalent lens while the QX100 is only 28mm, and the wider it is the better it is for taking pictures of strangers without them noticing.

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On article SD card labeling for 4K video announced (50 comments in total)
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wus: To me, 30 MB/s sounds more like a major step back, my old 64 GB Extreme Pro UHS I already has a write speed of 95 MB/s. Strange.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC card (I have the 16GB and 8GB versions) is Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 1 which means it is rated by the SD Association as having at least 10MB/s minimum write speed, while SanDisk specifies 90MB/s maximum write speed and 95MB/s max read speed. My measurement is a USB3 UHS-I Lexar card reader in Win7 File Explorer is about 50MB/s read, while a disk benchmark with the same card reader shows the card is capable of more than 80MB/s sequential reads. Note that the Win7 File Explorer verifies whether the data were written and read correctly, which may slow down performance a little bit, and also note that the USB3 interface isn't very good for large file transfers even though many external hard disks use it (USB3.1 scheduled for 2014 will be way better for file transfers and it will also be at 1GB/s theoretical speed).

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On article Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' (546 comments in total)

Apparently Nikon aims to sell this to sentimental collectors rather than value-conscious photographers... $3,000!

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(unknown member): The DPR article is laughably misleading, omitting important qualifiers and caveats. The actual claims are that "learning mentally challenging skills, such as digital photography, helps improve memory in older people. Engaging in less demanding activities, such as socializing or playing simple games, does not."

In other words, sufficiently challenging games may be better than digital photography.

Photography is a very challenging art and science, I doubt there is any game which is more challenging than photography. The amount of information you have to process to make a good photo is astonishing, you must take care of composition, lighting, even legal factors like property releases... and if you work with models you also have to learn to pose and direct the model.

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MDGColorado: This is right on for me. Research shows that learning new things is good for the brain. To that end, I'm learning a new language (Norwegian, as my wife is from Norway) and learning photography. There is a lot to learn! I am consciously trying to improve the quality of my work - composition and lighting. (Wish I had time to do more post processing, but there's this daily 8-hour nuisance of a job...) Simply using the camera (Lumix G3) well takes conscious effort, more than I would have expected; it's a little embarassing how often I've use inappropriate settings, so I've been studying them too. I turn 60 in a week and look forward to expanding my knowledge and, I hope, abilities. It's also a hobby that gets us out of the house, and there's so much cool stuff to buy :-).

Try to use your job to do some photography there, I find employment-related photos very interesting, like photos of the interiors of office buildings or people at their work.

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gratiusfoto: O ensino da fotografia no Brasil ainda é muito fraco. Esse tipo de pesquisa ajuda e muito! Obrigado!
The teaching of photography in Brazil is still very weak. This type of research helps a lot! Thank you!

και στην Ελλάδα, επίσης.
and in Greece, too.

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I'm very interested in buying a Sigma camera because of its Foveon sensor... but I'm afraid the system isn't well supported or popular enough to ensure I'll always have access to updates, accessories and easy repair options. The unpopularity of the system is what keeps me from investing in it. So, it's good to see news that these cameras are actually supported. But what about the other SD models?

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On article Canon updates firmware for EOS 5D Mark III (17 comments in total)
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Jen Yates: So bugs are phenomenons now?

Anything not in the specification is a bug... so these aren't phenomena, they're bugs..!

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Anzere08: Am I the only one seeing a lot of issues in the way these samples were shot? Lots of very low shutter speed in moving scenes (1/160 with a running horse) ? 1/100s with a moving singer? 1/50s using a 55mm non-stabilized lens etc? A lot of shots look blurry for that reason. Was it shot in auto mode?

Good observation. Whether the photographer did it right depends on what was the intend. If the purpose of the test is to show sharpness potential, then the photographer failed in low shutter speed photos. If the purpose was just to test low ISOs then the shutter motion blur doesn't matter.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)
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mantra: hi
thanks a lot for the review
about this camera i miss the c1 c2 :(

me too... why can't we have C1 and C2? It's just an extra position on the dial button. Canon should try to provide more utility to photographers and fix the various small details that make the camera too simple for advanced photogs... like the single C setting. We need at least two!

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)
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domina: wish I could set the minimum shutter speed higher than the 1/250 this camera allows... why can't I set it at 1/500 or 1/1000?

Yeap I do use the Tv and M modes as well (both with auto-iso and manual-iso), but there many times I'd prefer the Av mode with a minimum 1/500 or 1/1000 shutter speed, but the camera's menu only allows up to a 1/250 minimum. Most of the time when I photograph both I and my photo's subject are moving fast. I see no reason why Canon should limit the minimum shutter speed in the menus, it's just software. An option for 1/500 and 1/1000 minimum shutter speed in the Av mode would make 70D much more useful for me.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: The 7D Mark II better top this baby...

Challenging act to follow up.


APS-C cameras aren't inherently worse than FF cameras. They are just different. I have both.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)
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Dougbm_2: I wish they would consistently place the ISO button at the far right (as it was on the 50D) or even somewhat separated as per the 700D. The raised pimple on the button is not enough to find and adjust this major exposure adjustment quickly. As for the back scroll pad …ugh - (reasons I switched my 60D that I had for 18 months to a 5OD).

Yeap, really they totally failed the 60D/70D with this ISO button placement. It must be somewhere separate or even have its own dial.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)
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justmeMN: I'm outraged! How DARE DPR say anything nice about a Canon camera! :-)

I never read what score reviewers give, I always only read the actual tests and measurements.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)
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photosen: I've seldom agreed so much with DPreview... "The cutting-edge stalwart" just about sums it up... "a sensible, indeed desirable upgrade to the EOS 60D".

I was expecting a really boring 70D and was happily surprised; when I have the money it's going very difficult to say no to it, even though I follow what other brands are doing, and in spite of the full frame siren calls... it just does everything I need it to do, and opens a couple of interesting avenues with wifi and that new autofocus...

lots of things I like in 60D were removed in 70D... such as the ability to change focusing screens, or to use contrast-detection autofocus in liveview (now you *have* to use the dual-pixel AF which isn't as accurate as the contrast-detection AF). The inability of 70D to change focusing screens is what keeps me at 60D.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)
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makofoto: Test video clip with the 18/135 STM lens on the 70D ... see how it holds focus as I zoom in at the end:

looks good thanks for posting!

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (680 comments in total)

wish I could set the minimum shutter speed higher than the 1/250 this camera allows... why can't I set it at 1/500 or 1/1000?

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