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It has been about 18 months but I think Leica finally got this one right, I think that there are a lot more things that they could do with a software based camera like the T but for the things that they have, I think that they finally have something that is good enough that it could be accepted in the market.

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In my opinion this is about getting back in the game for Leica. Right now very few pros use Leica cameras anymore as their workhorses. Whereas they were the tool of choice for the professionals. And there are just too many things that you really can't do with a rangefinder.

Leica now can get these into the hands of professionals, professionals who are now flocking to the A7 but unlike the A7 this is a fully professional camera. Totally uncompromisingly professional.

Sabastiao Salgado will probably be given one and probably all the old Leica pros that grudgingly found that they had to defect to DSLRs to do what they wanted. Then Leica will be considered the top of the heap again. The thing to aspire to.

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eazizisaid: Was it really difficult for Leica to :

1 - Take the Leica Q body
2 - Take off the lens
3 - Put a T mount in there
4 - Put a 5K Price tag on it

And voila !

Yes... but then who's gonna buy the M series ? Well maybe Leica you can't get both !

I'm a bit disappointed by the design including the size and the price...

Maybe that will be the next one that they build. Or maybe the next T will have a built in EVF.

What is the real difference? Where the EVF is located on the body?

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RGiskard: Wow, now the A7RII looks like a huge bargain. I always knew that Leica pricing was silly, but this is just insane. That being said, I'm so glad that there are people who can afford this stuff, as it makes the imaging world a bit more interesting for the rest of us!

Yes but the A7RII and this Leica are not in the same league. The menus on the A7 series are beyond insanely complicated and there are all kinds of automation built into the camera. Leica cameras are stripped down to the max and there is no automation at all. It is all about you as a photographer and knowing what your're doing.

Then there are features like weather sealing. Trey Radcliff killed 3 A7s in the dust at Burning Man this year. My not even completely dust/water sealed M240 was out in the worst of it several times. No problems.

And pro features like dual cards.

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steelhead3: I would like to see it matched up against the new Sony 28 doesn't even support a wide angle adapter, though I betcha the Leica is owned by prettier people. Does the "M" have in camera lens correction?

> Does the "M" have in camera lens correction?

No it doesn't need it. ;-)
One thing you have to admit is that having to support film as well as digital does keep the optics honest. You can hide corrections in your RAW files (or the camera profiles) but when someone can see defects by tossing it on film body, you can't get away with much.

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