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I have Halide II on my Pro 12 MAX. Can't find how to select format.... doesn't show up on the screen. How do I know if I have been upgraded to the latest version?

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Which of these bags could you use or not use as carryon luggage??

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Hot fudge sundae with real Ingredients and no calories. Awesome!

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Tried it out on my iPhone X. Lacking in RAW support and resolution right now

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100MP is well and good but what lenses will be available that will be able to take advantage of the resolution of the sensor. Few 35mmm lenses are up to the task of the existing sensor pixel density.

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Anyone ever hear of environmental Marxism. Watermelon Syndrome green on the outside red on the inside. Your being played people

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Will the underwater housing work with the VI?

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DLutzer: Might want to mention that it can't shoot video. Has great camera control and really am shocked that it doesn't do video on my iPhone 6 Plus. Maybe it does in newer phones? It can't be a camera replacement app if it can't do video. Big miss!

It doesn’t shoot video on my iPhone X. In addition to Lightroom I use ACDSee and ACDSee Pro and ProCam on my iPhone. It’s nice to make all of your processing adjustments before you capture the image in RAW or TIFF.

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ShatteredSky: Thanks, that made my day!


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Some very good practical apps. Thanks for sharing

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I have a Canon 135 f /2 that is insanely sharp but will only resolve up to 31 Mp per DxOMark. There are few lenses now that can resolve over 40. With 42-50 MP sensors at the high end for DSLRs and rumblings of even higher resolution sensors waiting in the wing make this lens an interesting purchase. That Zeiss is dropping the price of its 135 to $1400 is telling as to the direction of the market ...... a good thing.

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Light Pilgrim: Pretty much EVERY lens that Sigma releases is a NO GO for be due to the size and the weight. I just do not get it. I loved when Canon release the 16-35 F/4 IS as it is lighter than the f/2.8 version and is insanely sharp too, it has IS. I am using it solely for Landscape purposes. 135 and 85 are the portrait lenses for me and I am very tired carrying all the heavy and bulky gear with me all the time. I am not even looking into it. I hope that Canon releases something to replace their 85 and 135 mm that will be suited for high MP cameras and that it will not be big and heavy.

Hot fudge Sunday with real ingredients and no calories is a tad difficult

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Wonder how it fares alongside the Sony 90mm Macro. All I am seeing is great photos .

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Audio is how this will compare to the less expensive Canon model. The later with an adapter would work equally well on A7 series mirror less

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I have used a Moose Peterson bag for years schlepping a 500mm Canon tell and a few bodies and lenses all over Europe and the US. Can anyone give me a comparison of the two bags (17")? I might be ready for an upgrade

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Same sensor as Pentax 645 but how about image quality?

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