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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D700 (123 comments in total)

I have 3 x D700 bodies with all the AFS lenses and use them daily. . In my opinion it's still the best portrait sensor around. I have shot Prime Ministers and Princesses portraits, weddings and awards nights events, medical and laboratory work, and annual reports on the D700. . . I won't be putting them out to pasture just yet.
My favourite Nikon of all time.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D700 (123 comments in total)
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photoMEETING: DR is poor compared to a - say - D750.

not true!

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I still own 2 of these with the Zeiss lenses, and flash units. I shot many professional events on them. . Love this camera!

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I had one as well as soon as it came out. . . I took it on a family trip to the USA as my only camera, it didn't let me down. .
Great camera!

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HenryDJP: Haha, so funny how some people here refuse to see that Mirrorless is moving the industry forward. Even funnier that they are saying that Mirrorless will fizz out. LOL. I love my D810 and it records a better picture than my Sony A6300 but make no mistake there are times often that the D810 just isn't suitable for my photography needs, especially when it comes to fast focusing for video. Sony wins. Continuous auto focus for photos and video. Sony wins. Previewing/playback in the viewfinder when broad sunlight washes out the LCD screen. Sony wins. Focus Peaking and Zebra. Sony wins.

I agree to a point Henry, but I'm a working pro too and have all Nikon full frame DSLRs and have bought and used Sony NEXs, A6300 and A7 series, the last being the A7R II, but I have to say I grab my Nikon DSLRs every time I have a pro job on whether an awards night or a wedding as I can't work thru a digital viewfinder, I get more accuarte results from my optical viewfinders. . . I just did some board of directors portraits this week for a very large corp here in Sydney and tried both to start, and immediately put the mirrorless cameras away. . . I couldn't use them fast enough and was so much happier with the Nikon images and feedback from my clients as I took them. But for my artistic work side projects I really gravitate to my Sony A6300 because of it's ability to shoot at 11 fps.

P.S. I have also used the Sony A9, which I was lucky enough to try at the Australia launch here in Sydney, which amazingly fast, but I still prefer Optical.

In the end it depends what works for YOU.

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It must be Full Frame to compete with Sony mainly, otherwise I wouldn't consider it and I'm both a Sony and Nikon full frame professional photographer.

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I have a Kodak Brownie Flash III in mint condition and have taken some nice photos on it on 120 roll film. . . it's a bit of a fiddle reloading the film onto a 620 spool but once you've done that it's an easy point & shoot experience . . but don't stand too close when shooting portraits, I found the best distance 8 feet and further back from your subject otherwise the background will be nice and crisp but not your subject.
I have found some really nice versions of the Box Brownie on eBay. . and cheap!

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