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We really disappointed to read the specs in this unjustified grabbing amount of hard earned money of the masses of the peoples & consumers, its also cheating to Canon Lovers .................., its better, if the specs reveals at least minimum 24-120 mm lens range with 2.8 to 4 f point and that was not impossible in small and compact form today in the world of science & art of photography............................., so that a big APS -C sensor is useless, if one can't use the compact camera in handheld in low light conditions & situation etc. ........! We condemned the cheap marketing and exploiting business approach

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Sorry, I am not convinced the approach of Leica authorities about the designing of a new Leica M. The designing chance of Leica M is given to the new comers’ in the field rather than "Sir Jonathan Ive" but design must be accepted only according to the strict high level designing parameters. Basically I am a Graphic Designer but I have a trained eye regarding all the relevant fields of designing; unfortunately I have not got any chance in my life to express my creative abilities because I born in most ignorant part of the world ......! In short where world topmost designers end their design exercise I start thinking from there......! If Leica’s gives me a chance to design their new Leica M rangefinder, I assured that I will perform my duty with best of my competitive spirit, creative abilities, knowledge and believe.

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When Sony will make 18-300mm lense for alpha series

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Nice & suberb Shot.......!
Great is always great...! and "Devils are devils, they are not black or white" Bilal Ch.

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Great is always great...! and "Devils are devils, they are not black or white" Bilal Ch.
Nice & suberb Shot.......!

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Hi Dear,
Accept my congratulation on your your beautiful and admiring pic.
would you like to teach me the technique, how did you exposed your, your pic primule...!
thanking you in anticipation.
yours truly,

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Fair judging is a crucial assignment, under the critical postion of the huge numbers of entries.......
I suggest to the orgnisers that to give comparatively appropriate marks to an entry for fair judging, please, increase the numbers of stars e.g. 100 stars or 100 numbers, I hope this may be helpful and fair to display the true spirit of a huge photography competition.

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my question is that what is difference between animal and insects, the pics that should be disqualified due to nonsubjective, has been awarded1st in catagory of

~Still Life wth Dead Animal Part(s)~

is clearly violation of the meanings of the subject.

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