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Isn't Sony having issues?
Are they nearing the meltdown that another Company just experienced?
If Sony does care about it's customer base...why haven't they produced more lenes in the NEX realm?
I have a NEX and simply love the little camera, but the company is lacking in producing lenses for the thing.
Oh well....back to the old standbys...DSLRs I guess....

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On photo Eagle Diner in the Restaurant challenge (3 comments in total)

Nice picture:
Where is this? Seaford Delaware? They have a Eagle Diner there.

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On photo Witness the Love in the Old people portraits challenge (6 comments in total)

I was drifting thur the pictures on this site, and ran up on this one. It is a very good picture. Pictures are frozen moments in time. I have been married to the same ole gal for 37 years. I enjoy every moment I have with her. Sure we have had arguements, who has not? But even then I enjoy her company. We have been through alot in our years, and I do not look for that to change. In this walk of life the great creator or creation has afforded us, if you can find a good and wonderful mate, you have won a great battle. We are now about to embark on a adventure that will affect us for the rest of our lives. If you have a good and wonderful mate, when you end up on one of those 'adventures' , that mate makes it a little less rough to handle. Good Picture.

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