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I think this beta NX-D made CNX2 look like it was ahead of its time.

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I also did not get the camera with projector thing..

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Greeneggsandham: Why did they have to make it look ugly

maybe so it won't look like a camera bag...

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Very interesting!

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(unknown member): you know what would be really cool - because NO ONE else does this .. is test lenses for hotspots / wavelength smearing for infrared photography.

this would IMO make dpreview's lens reviews stand out a bit from the slrgear, photozone and a mydrid of other sites that basically all the say the exact same thing in one form or another.

Hey great idea I love IR photography, I know its a lot of work though. Maybe you can just let the lens users send some feedback on a lens' IR potential and include them at the review?

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photoramone: first, and formost, the pictures are a series of seasonal shots (note the green green grass, then the brown brown grass, etc.) Second, it is a compilation of photos of a much-loved DAUGHTER, cooperating with the photographer/father. How one could be nasty/critical, is beyound me.... I must say that all too often this forum is a display of hyper-ego ed and condescending comments by nare-do-well photographers, who think that "condescending to the rest of us, makes them look superior. It does not. and its the same nay-sayers every day.....So if ya can't say something nice or at least FAIR.....stay home

You said it man.

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New Lens Release articles should have this warning:

Brace yourselves, the DOF equivalency posts are coming!

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Nice zoom lenses there, was hoping there was 3rd party ultrawide lenses by now. Is it really that hard to create one for MFT?

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Nikonworks: Why do most of the 'Real World' samples on this web site all seem to be subjects that do not require a photo release?

Most of the 'Real World' shots we DPReview readers take are not the 'Real World' photos displayed in this article.

Please take this as constructive in nature.
Providing real 'Real World' photos would be very helpful to all of us here, both management and us readers.

Surprise! your world was actually different than theirs :)

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G Sciorio: Judging any camera by these studio shots is pointless. It's only one small part of a very large equation.

You mean there area other shooting situations other than a camera placed in a tripod and studio? Wow, how did you come up with that?

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The Photographer even made a facebook campaign to rally people to her side. But she only included bits that seem to favor her. Excluding her nasty emails sent to the station which resulted in nasty replies from the station. I think she should just cut the drama and lawyer up. It's just business anyway, nothing personal about it.

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bossa: What an absurd poll. They list a revamped EOS 5D and yet a superior K-5 II and K-5II/s don't get listed. I've got a K-5 and two D800E's and I know where my money went.
This poll is like asking people if their Hyundai is better than a a Ferrari or RR. I'm sure it is in some instances.

you just called thousands of people absurd because they did not think like you?

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Like if you just had to view the Beach girl in FULL SCREEN :D

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And another winner for the mirrorless system, looks like CANIKON can no longer afford sending children's toys into this segment. Its just a matter of time till they get the idea.

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napilopez: The funny thing to me is that if these images were taken without mentioning the camera, I bet you no one would complain. But as of now, I'm willing to bet several people will complain about the quality of the photos only because they were shot with a G5.

A few things:

1) The photographer is skilled, he will likely get some great shot anyways.

2) People talk as if great sports photos weren't taken before the advent of modern-day, fast PDAF.

3) Every camera has its limitations and strengths. I think most of us here know a pro DSLR would still be the overall "best" for getting the most keepers, mainly due to focus tracking performance. Yes, it is obviously a marketing stunt. So what? The point is to prove it can go against the big boys, and I'm willing to bet if succeeds, even if not quite at the pinnacle of sports photo gear.

4) The camera hasn't even bee reviewed yet. Yet people assume it will suck, even though CDAF catching up in tracking is only a matter of time.

We'll see.

Right on, I even bet the photog would have a grand time reading all these comments :)

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white tea: Nice camera, but does it have AE bracketing feature? If no, question for Nikon, why do you cut down your entry level DSLR cameras from that utility?

Its just a marketing hustle, if you want better features on your more

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Very solid IQ, coming from a very unassuming package

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CarlPH: Excellent choice of lenses there, I wonder if there is a Semi pro body in their line up..

Yes I was referring to a low spec version of the X-Pro 1. I'm pretty sure there is a market for that.

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Excellent choice of lenses there, I wonder if there is a Semi pro body in their line up..

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