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Horshack: Interesting idea. I immediately assumed this has been done before, and a quick Google search revealed this open-source project which appears to be a similar concept:

With the full research paper here:

SmilerGrogan, they may be talented but if the idea isn’t new and there is prior art, it isn’t patentable.

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AllenBoth: Love the old techno. If you go back to it impossible to trace while we upgrade. Like typewriter ribbons and copy machine chips. Old school it out. New techno war is predictable can flood em big-time - course they will - pretty much oh yeah don't do that Yuri Cerchenko thing again...just saying.

That depends on the type of ribbon used. With a plastic film ribbon, yes, you would have been able to see what was typed. With an old fabric ribbon that is soaked in ink, that would not have been possible.

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panther fan: Fuji first pixel shift implementation. They could have done it in the Olympus or Panasonic way, with in camera processing and motion compensation.
Or the Sony way, with incredible long capture times, annoying external software and high storage requirements.


I am a Olympus owner and like their in-camera implementation, but I question the value it would have here. Who needs to review a 400MP photo at the pixel level in-camera?

Link | Posted on Nov 27, 2020 at 04:02 UTC

As a E-M1X owner, I wish Olympus would deliver updates to the AF and subject tracking features first. They promised updates for new subject types since the camera was announced, which haven't shown up yet. Intelligent tracking for trains is nice, but animals have a much wider audience.

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bodeswell: Hmmm, Jordan says Canon doesn’t mention the heat related performance improvements, but the text accompanying the article, presumably straight from Canon, does. Why keep feeding conspiracy theories?

You’re criticizing Jordan for not mentioning something that Canon didn’t tell him?

Link | Posted on Aug 29, 2020 at 19:04 UTC
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AcerK: I purchased the smart controller to use it with Mavic Air 2 so when is the update for that coming out?? Damn you DJI!

They just haven’t delivered on that promise.

Link | Posted on Aug 16, 2020 at 15:32 UTC

>> DigiMedia Tech is a non-practicing entity (NPE) of IPInvestments Group, which received many US patents from Intellectual Ventures LLC in November 2019.

DigiMedia Tech is a non-practicing entity (NPE) of IPInvestments Group, which received many US patents from Intellectual Vultures LLC in November 2019.


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Kipplemaster: Can it be charged with USB? Or if travelling with this compact drone do you have to lug around the proprietary charger of similar size to the drone itself?

It’s a valid concern. USB C over TB is more than capable of delivering enough current, and plugging an appropriate adapter into a 12V outlet (aka cigarette lighter) in a car could then be used to charge batteries on the go.

Even if a regular USB port only trickle-charges these batteries, it would still be useful for overnight charging in a hotel room.

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NatuRaOx2: I wonder if they are trying to dial in the par focal (electronic controlled) function .
We all know this lens isn’t par focal optically but it could be made to stay in focus as you zoom electronically. I’d bet they are working out some electronic issues.
I’d rather see them delay the product a little bit than put out something that has a recall . And as someone else has mentioned, look at all the great lenses they have put out in such a short time period.
It seems to me Nikon is really doing a superb job with this new lens and camera line .

I don’t think it’s that. They could release the lens with firmware that doesn’t try to implement parfocus, and 90% of the buyers who don’t need that feature (still photographers) would be happy. Nikon could then take their time perfecting the feature and release it as a free firmware update.

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real342: Live streaming is already a big thing for many people. I paid last month's rent by doing one stream and would love to see more articles on gear and how people use it. The idea behind this particular product is cool, and I like how Panasonic is innovating, but it's a lot of money and I wonder how long you can actually stream using just the camera battery.

Panasonic's camcorders typically come with a phantom battery plate that can be plugged into the battery charger, so you can power the camera indefinitely from an A/C power source.

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BrentSchumer: I live on NYC, an area where drone photography is severely restricted. Do drone laws technically apply to terrestrial drones without flight?

The NYC drone restrictions are imposed by the FAA, whose mandate only covers airspace.

Link | Posted on Oct 3, 2019 at 20:04 UTC

How about teasing a GoPro app that works on iOS 13? The current version won't let you control your GoPro action cams or import media, making it impossible to use the cameras in situations where you don't have physical access to the buttons or touchscreen.

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Charrick1: What is "31-60p"? Does that mean it has 4K 60 it not?

Yes. Virtually all professional video cameras support what many would consider oddball framerates for the purpose of over and undercranking.

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teddoman: What does 2700-6500 Kelvin mean? You control the temperature, or it's luck of the draw and can be anywhere in this range?

If these charge by USB, what is the USB connector?

It depends on the vendor and model -- I have no first-hand experience with this particular product. I do have some bi-color LED panels for video work which allow a specific Kelvin color temperature to be selected on the LCD in the back or via a app on a smartphone, but checking the actual output with a colorimeter shows that it is only approximate to the selected color temperature. Still, for most uses it will suffice.

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teddoman: What does 2700-6500 Kelvin mean? You control the temperature, or it's luck of the draw and can be anywhere in this range?

If these charge by USB, what is the USB connector?

Bi-color means it has a mix of tungsten and daylight equivalent LEDs, and by varying the light output from each you can generate color temperatures in the specified range.

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Torsten Hoff: It's not like a sample size of 1 is statistically significant...

I know it's an experiment and not statistics. My point is that you shouldn't draw conclusions from the results, they may not be representative of how another card of the same make and model handles abuse.

No doubt these cards are tougher than less expensive ones, but you shouldn't abuse them and always expect them to survive.

Link | Posted on Aug 11, 2019 at 18:46 UTC

It's not like a sample size of 1 is statistically significant...

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Rolen: I don't think we ever went to the moon, but how would a camera maker know?
If it helps them sell more cameras, be it.

Rolen, even the Russians who were in a desperate race with the US to try to get a man to the Moon first accept that Apollo 11 landed there, and that the astronauts safely returned home.

Russia has the most to gain from debunking the Moon landings as a hoax if that's what they are, and they have never even suggested the possibility. They even congratulated NASA on their feat.

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Poor shrimp, they must have raging headaches all the time. That video breaks my brain.

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ArtAlt: Where can we purchase the bulb extensions? Not available at their website, nor Adorama, B&H, etc as of June 28, 2019. Thank you.

If you look at the TurtleRig product pages you'll see that they link to Amazon. For example:

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