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arhmatic: Smart move on Fujifilm to skip full frame and go directly to medium format.


Of course D810 can be competitive to some degree (although I would say Canon 5DS R is more of a match). In the same way Micro 4/3 camera can be competitive with D810 for some uses.

Just keep in mind, this is the launch of a new system. The very first camera and lenses. This is just the beginning. When D810 came out, everything was already in place, years worth of development and plenty of first and third party accessories. And it also had time to loose it's value and retails about $500 below its launch price. Pentax 645Z goes for $1500 below launch price. I would not be surprised to see that in two years, this Fuji beast will be a bit more affordable, but no less capable. The same way their APS-C offering is better bang for the buck now than it was 2-3 years ago.

Give it time.

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Zoron: Good price....competitive product that all the FF owners can upgrade to.

General observation. People seem to forget how prohibitively expensive first FF cameras were. FF was a niche for quite a long time. It was basically gear for professionals, much like today's MF cameras. It became more popular when the price went down enough that general population could afford one. You can get an FF camera for less than 1/4 of the price when those appeared on the market.

I don't think that MF will ever be as popular as FF, because it will always be pricier an more specialized. But it will become much more popular than it is today, and it will replace FF cameras for some photographers, I'm sure.

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arhmatic: Smart move on Fujifilm to skip full frame and go directly to medium format.


Your assumption that D810 with a cheap 50mm f/1.8 is going to be anywhere close in image quality to this Fuji kit is far fetched at best. That lens cannot even take full advantage of Nikon's 36mp sensor, how is it supposed to compete with a larger 50mp sensor and a lens designed to take full advantage of it?

Of course MF is still going to be a niche, but it's barrier of entry just went from tens of thousands of dollars to just thousands. Thinking that this is not going to be disruptive is naive. This is going to make that niche much, much larger than it previously was. FF was just such a niche for years. Remember, Canon 1Ds was over $10k (inflation adjusted) when it launched.

Pentax already kinda proved it with their 645Z, which became surprisingly popular in Asia among wedding photographers and wealthy photo enthusiasts. I think Fuji (and Hassy) will do much better due to more modern designs.

As for system completeness, this is just a beginning.

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Really nice upgrade, I must admit. Hopefully will rile up the competition a bit.

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arhmatic: Smart move on Fujifilm to skip full frame and go directly to medium format.

Terry, MF market is small because before now, MF was prohibitively expensive. You can now buy MF kit for not much more than an FF kit. It is no longer tens of thousands for basic kit.

As for FF from Fuji, thinking they would sell great is wishful thinking at best. To make that happen, Fuji would have to heavily compete on price, which would be quite hard in a market so competitive. And would make margins so small that they would have to sell a lot more of FF cameras just to make the same profit as selling a lot less MF cameras.

Why bother competing with everyone else in crowded market when you can have a market of your own? (well, they will have to compete with Hassy and Pentax, but that's still less competition than in FF world). And besides, at least they are doing something interesting, being a "me too" brand is not gonna get you many fans.

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Zoron: Good price....competitive product that all the FF owners can upgrade to.

Larger sensor, better image quality. Modern system with a bright future.

BTW, for a price of an FF flagship body alone, I can build a very good Micro 4/3 kit. But I bet you would not accept this argument as a proof that that FF is not a viable upgrade over MFT, would you?

It's hilarious how this new wave of affordable MF mirrorless cameras makes FF fanboys scramble (a general observation). It's even funnier to see them use the same arguments that Micro 4/3 users raise, while at the same time dismissing those arguments when they apply to smaller formats :-)

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villagranvicent: $1000 less than the new Leica M10 body.

Almost the same as current flagships from Canon and Nikon. :-)

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tkbslc: Does 1.25x larger sensor really make so much of a difference compared to FF? It doesn't seem to when comparing other formats.

This does make sense as a step up from Fuji APS-C, though. It's got nearly twice the diagonal. Kind of like 4/3 vs FF in that regard.

"Does 1.25x larger sensor really make so much of a difference"

Just look at the comments under any article about Micro 4/3, especially fast and expensive MFT lenses. The commenters there clearly think the difference is huge, making APS-C something a pro would use and MFT just a toy. You will find a ton of comments in the forum telling people how a larger APS-C sensor means much better image quality and what not.

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OlyPent: It is good that Canon joined mirrorless in a more serious way, finally. But there was no fanfare, they've come to the party very late. I hope the thing sells and I hope they don't treat it like the insane uncle, the way Nikon created and treated the 1 series, hiding it away at photo shows, sticking it FAR from the DSLR's on the store shelves, at least the ones I'd seen.

I agree, Canon has a huge advantage due to their brand. And if you think about it, the way they handled EOS M seems to be working well for them. I think within year or two, they are capable of becoming number one player in mirrorless, at least on some markets.

And I'm sure other players know it as well, hence the move upstream. With the recent flagships from Sony and Fuji launching at 1700 EUR and Olympus and Panasonic pushing their luck with 2000 EUR mark, the push for large margin products is pretty clear.

But as of now, Canon cannot do the same. There is nothing Canon can do to charge upward of 1700 EUR for an EOS M camera. M5 is already a bit too expensive for what it is, but I'm sure it will still sell well. After all, it's Canon. And it's a pretty nice camera. But it will take some time until Canon can charge above $1500 for a body and more than $1000 for EF-M lens. Unless they really go all-in.

But as much as people complain, they have the luxury of moving at their own pace.

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TN Args: Very pleased to see my 100-300 updated. The current model is effectively crippled to 2 fps in CAF by its aperture mechanism. The new one should AF with the best lenses now.

They do write of improved aperture for smooth video action. So they definitely improved that part. I think it's safe to assume they also did improve the situation when shooting in burst mode while they were at it. Although there is this danger when assuming...

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Kris Sky: Brilliant camera. Finally some innovation.

Sigma offers lens mount exchange service. I think for all their global vision lenses. And you can use global vision series SA lenses with Sony mirrorless cameras. So it's hardly a lockdown.

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On article Have Your Say: Best Zoom Lens of 2016 (73 comments in total)

I would think that Fuji's and Panasonic's 100-400mm zooms would qualify as worthy of getting on the list if Tamron's updated 150-600 is. But whatever, the lens I am drooling all over is on the list, so...


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VisualFX: Not too impressed. Noise in brightly lit photos using ISO 800. Photos of people in the distance blurry, cant make out details in faces in distance.

It's pretty trivial to not have the smudgy look on your images. In the end it is a photographer's choice.

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Fujica: €2,999.00 - What have they been smoking?

Grinded AF motors it seems. That's why their lenses don't have AF, the parts went up in smoke.

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sai1: Interesting camera, too bad it's not at least an APS-C. The best image stabilizer still can't freeze motion.

BSI or stacked sensor will not change IQ in any significant way. It didn't for Sony, it won't for Olympus. Buzzwords don't make things better just because they are attached to the product. Stop believing the hype.

But I agree that to make any significant jump in IQ, a technological break-through would have to be achieved. But that does not apply to 4/3 sensors only, but to all of them. Current FF "king of high ISO" is only marginally better at high ISO than a 7 year old Nikon. The state of the art stacked BSI FF Sony sensor is only hair width's apart from other, non-stacked, non-BSI sensors in terms of IQ.

So, as evidenced by current crop of cameras, stacked or BSI does not matter much for image quality from large sensor (1" and up) cameras.

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photog4u: Consider this Christmas season you can get a:

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II + 25mm f1.2 Pro m43 for $3,199
Sony A7 Mark II + Zeiss 50mm f1.4 FULL FRAME for $2,996

I guess it really depends on whether or not you want the incredible light gathering capability and shallow depth of field that a great big full frame sensor provides or a tiny, albeit speedy sensor will suffice?

Or you can get yourself an A3+ photo printer for $600 and actually make something of the photos you've taken, instead of wasting them on facebooks and stuff like that.

That is assuming you've taken photos that are worth putting on paper.

This is much cheaper than any of the kits you propose. And will probably do more for your photography than a new camera.

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whawha: It's a very interesting camera, let's not forget that the lightning speed is mostly possible because of the sensor size, so to demand an equal camera with the same speeds may well be asking for the impossible at present.
Yes it is expensive but I can imagine that professional reportage and travel photographers might see a lot in it, its lighter, faster and quieter than the big pro slrs and the image quality, though not on a par is probably perfectly fine for many real world scenarios.

I kinda remember that in one of the interviews about NX1, Samsung rep said that in the lab, they were actually able to capture full res images at some insane rate. Not sure it was 60 fps, but I remember being impressed when I read it. And that's 28mp on an APS-C. The camera ended up having a 15fps burst rate or something like that, if I remember correctly. An impressive spec up to this day.

Technologically speaking, NX1 was probably ahead of its time. And it even had some impressive glass. But we all know how all that ended.

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cxsparc: I find it a bit strange what manufacturers are doing. Each new camera seems to get much more expensive and overstuffed with features. Yes it may be nice to shoot 60 fps, but honestly, life on earth was possible before that. Similar thing with the A6500: Extremely fast with everything, but who really needs this?

Maybe the manufacturers are targetting the increasing number of aging baby-boomers, who - with kids out of the house - went back to photography and keep buying the next and the next new camera regardless of what it costs? New toys for the boys.


How can they lose higher end customers to Nikon, Sony or Canon? They just gave their users the most advanced body that not only tops everything available in the system, but in some regards beats ANY camera on the market that has a larger sensor. MFT users finally got something that can compete with high end DSLRs. And they would switch to such DSLR because they finally got something that could compete with them? How does that make sense?

For an E-M1 user, this Mark II improves EVERYTHING. And 95% of those improvements are because of the vastly superior sensor. Not to mention it solves the Achilles heel of E-M1, which is IQ at long exposures.

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s.seng: Is this a paid advert? When did they excel in build quality? Many owner of OM1 every moaning about things failing off or breaking repeatedly which is lot higher than other brands.

At least the lenses don't spontaneously fall off the camera, like with Canon :-)

But I hear Canon pros have amazing reflexes, so they usually catch those lenses mid fall. Truly impressive.

But on more serious note. Don't know if anyone noticed that above the free tier of Olympus PRO Service, they offer annual maintenance service that includes "Cosmetic spare parts exchange", which I would assume includes stuff like top plate, dials, port covers, eye-cup and the like. Good thing to have in case any issues pop up. And with heavily used equipment, there will always be some wear on the exterior. This is a good way to keep you camera looking brand new despite heavy use.

I like the direction Olympus is taking with this. Well, maybe except the price. But that price is temporary. Like all prices are. I will probably still buy it once there's a deal on it. I can wait. It's not that I need that kind of camera.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1295 comments in total)
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sai1: Interesting camera, too bad it's not at least an APS-C. The best image stabilizer still can't freeze motion.

"The best image stabilizer still can't freeze motion"

But it allows you to do something opposite. Capture motion. Without a tripod :-)

As with everything, it's usefulness depends on what you shoot.

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