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On article Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR (488 comments in total)
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whawha: Insane price aside, the Mark iii (like the D800) it is too big, too heavy and too conspicuous for those of us interested in street and travel photography.
At the moment if you want full frame you are stuck with having to use a brick with a beer can bolted on it. They seem to be going in that direction, the 7D was already mad - a 22.3x14.9 sensor camera bigger and heavier than the full frame 5D mkii.
When the rumours about the digital OM started to leak I fooled myself that Olympus was going to come out with a compact full frame slr like the Olys of yore, but it turned out to be a gimmick. If Pentax could come out with a full frame k5 style camera they would fill a gap in the market and I would definitely sell my 5D mkii and switch.

You've got to be kidding if you think the 5D Mark III is too big and bulky. I'm a wedding photographer & carry the mark II and battery grip with me for 15+ hours at a time (along with all of my other gear including a 2nd body). I expect to do the same with the mark III. Weight gives stability. Plenty of women use the mark ii with the 70-200mm all day. Muscle up.

Also, over priced? The 5D mark III has seriously awesome features. Plus it's half the price of the 1DX. There's also the ability for amazing video. Give me a break. It seems you're not at the level to utilize it's potential. It's a tool for both business and art. If you need it for neither, why have it? If you're serious about your photography, the weight and cost are worth it. Either don't complain or get more realistic equipment for you. It cracks me up when people have stupid complaints when not knowing what they're talking about. Please don't comment if your complaining things like this. Please save it for real reviews.

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