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  • But, they are different programs with different purposes aimed at different customers, even if both have fast "browsing" tools. PM is aimed at fast culling, captioning. keywording and dispatching ...
  • It could well be, but as none of my other cameras produce an "extra' file like this, I have always  assumed this information was stored in the embedded exif.
  • At least I'm not alone :-)
  • Thanks It isn't now, however. because I deleted the folder and it's now being created alongside the raws. But the link with the formatting makes sense as the time and date on the file would appear ...
  • Yes, it is a tiny file, but unfortunately it's not in my nature to just ignore things once I have had my curiosity triggered.  :-)
  • But if you do see it, a binary file from an unknown source appearing amongst your raw files might make you want to find out what it is, and where t comes from. :-) I've just checked by switching ...
  • Thanks, this is a file that the EM1.3 appears to be generating. And it's a card only I have used. I can delete the file from the card using a computer, but it is regenerated when I start using it ...
  • Thanks, I did find that post when I searched the forum before posting, but the poster seemed content to just ignore it, where as I am curious to find out why it's there and what it does.
  • Created discussion thread what is an ALB97ZZ2.BIN file
    I have suddenly noticed I am getting this file on my SD cards, which seems to be created by my EM1.3. Googling has thrown up nothing and I'm interested to know what it is. Does anyone know what ...
  • It's probably worth mentoning that the pop up is on the top right of the desktop where notifications appear, not a pop up in a browser
  • Sorry, I should have said, there is no obvious indication of any update being available., in th system settings. I do have some apps that need updating, which I am currently updating, but none that ...
  • Today I got a popup that my Mac needed a restart to install updates. It looked like an official Mac systems pop up, but there was no option to ask for details on what the update was. But it looked ...
  • Although, this number is years out of date, Adobe estimated at one time, that less than 10% of their subscribers were photographers.
  • It wasn't an objection, it was a question, which I made a guess at the answer for, which matches your explanation.
  • I'm not sure what that adds to the link I posted, unless it's to help people who don't want to follow the link.
  • Capture One has a similar tool (some considered the LR feature was copied from C1)
  • There is only "one" version of C1, with the features made available dictated by the serial/activation number you type in. As I remember it Capture One issues the appropriate serial/activation ...
  • It does sound as if something odd has happened with the install. But, for reference, you can right click on the tools panel to add and subtract tools.
  • I can't answer the question on why the editing tools are missing, but you could try pressing cmd+T which hides and unhides the tools. There is no "develop module" in C1 The differences between the ...
  • I'm blocked as well, I suspect it's because I have an older Mac OS (High Sierra) that won't allow the latest release of Chrome to run, and Cloudflare is checking browser version It works fine with ...
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