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  • Hi Lawrence, I am sorry for the late reply.  Your shared experience is very interesting. I also always had two cameras.  Currently   OMD M-10 and Pentax K-3. Amazingly the K-3 still works well. I ...
  • Agree!   The only benefit of these $312 flat fee is the suppose to be performed camera calibration. In any case i do not plan to use Pentax/Ricoh selected repair, which is shielded from competition.
  • I have not use the camera yet to verify that the focusing and stabilization still working correctly. K-3 suppose to have a strong metal body and most likely it is still OK.
  • I decided to keep it as is, the camera is working, however, I have not checked if focusing and other camera functions are working correctly. Good idea!
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  • Created discussion thread Pentax K-3 repair
    Few days ago I have dropped my K-3 may be foot and a half from the asphalt. It hit the asphalt with the Mode Selector wheel and slightly bent it toward camera back right side (side of the power ...
  • Ed, Have found a repair shop for Pentax in Bay Area? Leo
  • Hi, Thank you!!!  After reading your post I have recognized my error and was able to fix it. I was always creating a folder on an external hard drive for my new Photos and then “Import” them with ...
  • Hi, iMac v. 10.12.6 I have created a folder with two subfolders. Copied there images: one subfolder contains images from iPhone (jpg) and the second subfolder Pentax images (DNG) from a memory card. ...
  • I do follow these guidelines. My backup recently sat to be getting around 15 minutes instead of 1 to 2 minutes. That was my reason to create a new catalog. Leo
  • as Johanfoto said in previous post a purchased new blank telephone book: File > New Catalog > typed name Leo
  • I am sorry for the late reply. Spend some time with no computer. My friend has got into a hospital after drinking too much water reducing level Sodium in blood to 115 and almost skid to coma. ...
  • Created question thread Lightroom- Creating a new Catalog
    How to create a new Lightroom catalog, which will include all folders, subfolders and images located in them? The reason for carting a new catalog was very slow BackUp - 20 minutes. Just a month ...
  • I finally made it! I have included Subfolders. In the Source space with up/down arrows was a name of one of two Recent Imports and with up/down arrows I could selected only one of these two names, ...
  • I have included Subfolders. In the Source space with up/down arrows was a name of one of two Recent Imports and with up/down arrows I could selected only one of these two names, I think that ...
  • I have read carefully and at least have an idea that it is possible to use LR and C1 as to complement each other. Thank you for the explanation! I will bet bak to this idea as soon as learn the C1. Leo
  • " Some use LR for cataloguing & C1 for processing." That is very interesting,  as all my photos are in the LR catalog! Where I can find info on using the LR catalog for C1? I thought that the LR ...
  • This is my attempt to get into C1 away from Lightroom. The reason why I have not created the Session first, as the C1 writing in the User Guide equates the session and catalog as two independent ...
  • It is all depends of your plan: the $15/mo forever or you have your licensed copy forever with an ability to upgrade. The $15/mo tide the possible problem as you have described. The second option ...
  • I have downloaded the Capture One 30 days try version and cannot select the folders with photos, but allowed only limited access to my external drive directories. Very upsetting as I felt lost. Is ...
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