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  • for beginners does not imply low priced. In fact, cheap, cut corners cameras are bad for learning. anyone who equates beginner with low end is confused, if not delusional.

  • Is what's causing the softness.  Try turning it off and see if it works, and then do it in post to find a good balance.
  • Replied in ND Filters
    Was there a few years ago with more sunlight.  I'm sure October is OK but just to be sure you may want to consider at least an ND64.
  • Mine saw the light and there's no *combined* requirement of lower case, upper case, etc.  Just one of these plus a minimal length of 12.  My important passwords are all at least 16 characters anyway.
  • The password requirements are crazy.  Not even banks require a number, a punctuation, and such a short length of 8. Get on with times and move onto more secure practices - just ensure it's long ...
  • The 15-45 is worth it for the wide end alone.  It's small, sharp, wide, cheap.  Treat it as a WA that can zoom a bit.
  • Replied in Yes
    It is wide enough for the wide landscapes if you don't pixel peep, or shoot raw then perform perspective correction yourself  (default is too strong) It is long enough to be a passable portrait lens. ...
  • This seems to have disappeared from the front page. So, is the site going to be shut down, or not?

  • The ergonomics, trap focus, and astro-tracer of a Pentax K-1
    The speed and lens support of a Sony A1
    The colours and electronic shutter of a Fuji X-T5
    The shutter sound of a Nikon D850 or a Fuji...

  • Nailed it. The convenient thing to do is not the right thing to do 90% of the time.
    It's not too late. We should prefer local stores, or even other behemoths like Walmart and Costco, over Amazon....

  • @myreality good for them too!

  • Note that there are a lot of lenses from other manufacturers that fail to make the best use of new bodies.

    The difference? Fujifilm is the first company that I have seen who is transparent and...

  • Bender79ita:
    "I don't know of any APS-C lens on any system that can resolve 40mp"

    Richard Butler:
    "Note that Fujifilm's list of lenses that can resolve 40MP is a list of lenses that can do so wide...

  • I'll stop buying from Amazon from now on for this.

  • @musicmaker Why did you picked X-T4 instead of X-S10 in that comparison? The X-S10 was your camera and its images in that test look sharper than the X-T4's.

    Seeing they used the same sensor. It...

  • @Delph12 it says something more about Olympus IBIS than Fuji's- it is lightyears ahead of everyone else.

    Fuji's is at least as good as everyone else except Olympus.

  • I've had both at one point. X-T3: AF is quite a bit better if you do any tracking, allows ES-preshot, higher FPS, longer battery life, more customizable controls if you configure the swipes.  ...
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