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Purpose is involved in consequences of actions performed via analysis of processes.


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rallyfan: The book itself, at least the early version, was very interesting. (I see there are sub-$10 copies available around, it's not bad at all, I'm being honest - no digital info in that version though).

Fun as it is, a photographer born this century can go their entire life without ever becoming familiar with the zone system, and the exposure of their images will be just fine. Sorry. It's not just photography; a mechanic born this century could go their entire life without knowing how to set the gap on ignition points or adjust a carburetor and their cars would be just fine. That's life. In the digital age the system is much less useful, at least in its current incarnation. Many of the remaining fans simply use it as a right of passage or a character building exercise.

If you are an artist with a vision and you know Ansel and His Work, by all means load up 40kg of kit and head for the hills. Take the book with you too. Bye!

Buy Buy, Buy Buy, Baby, Baby Good Buy
Point Line, Plane Space, and the Pressure
Mathematics Newton to You too few
Discovered, no thought inertia frame.

Photon electron interface energetic
Minuscule forces mass unit value
Potato skins bitumen silver
Bullets holster of lone practitioner.

Working equals force buy time of act
Photon multi plyers charged coupled
Devices detected rainbow Huey
Tuned memorial of ones or zeros.

Pixiel pixies in space of color shoe.
Standard values for all, the sum of you.


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and never in queensland either though i lived in tasmania for may years and even then you had to make a real effort to see them ... the best one i ever saw was one taken from a polar circling satellite courtesy of the agency of bob reeve photographer for the australian antarctic commission... made the thing look like the crown on the head of a king ... wow factor 12 out of 10 ...

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good idea a "yellow submarine' that you can take to the bottom of the sea and see the octopuses garden like a James in bondage with one water tight argument that keeps sand and water from clogging up ones keyboard. Thank you Mr Zucker may the old suckers of that Kraken of lol embrace you with its eight fold tentacles and kiss you one hopes, that is, upon disturbance from its tiny corner in its garden its rings do not glow iridescent blue ... liv+luv=peat:)

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Note: The top and bottom of a 360x180 are POLES or POINTS. With MERCATOR MAPPING the principle is to convert convergent longitudinal lines into parallel lines. In the above instance this ALMOST occurred.

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Music and Lyrics Combined Grooveshark does not work.

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pendigital: I would warn anyone against buying from SLR Magic. I've been going through a customer service nightmare with them for months now over a defective lens they sent me. Any lens they make is a rebrand but I was led to believe they atleast had good customer service. Now I am going to have to go through the hassle of trying to get my money back from them. Check their return/defective policies very carefully. I wish I had.

Canon have betrayed your trust. If you were a KING or QUEEN in recent history Canon would have lost it's head. liv+luv=peat.

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Whoops did not read "CAT" sorry

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Thank you Dr Fossom for rolling the rock of CMOS to the top of the hill.
Concerns for the use put too is reminiscent of big brother on two levels.
Identification: The act of knowing that which is contained in boundaries!
So the means of recording is both borrowed by the state and individuals.
The public office watches the individuals while the individuals watch them
Watch them watch the individual who chooses to break the laws so made.
This production of yours has identified one thing which is paranoia is fear.
Now we know what can be done about proper use and wrong use of CMOS?
Like Sisyphus felt it was fun to watch the rock roll down that hill again, again.

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Don't know if anyone has thought about this yet, but, who is going to see the work done with such a camera? What's next, every one with a fly in part of the same media network called wi-five-r or why fly? That is the first part now for the second part of that question where all those connected users are so busy shooting basically the same stuff, skiing, windsurfing, surfing, biking, o.k. the people and the scenery change but to the remote viewer it all looks the same, so the novelty value is in, the greater the risk, the greater the number of youtube hits. I think someone is go-an-ta die, filming their own death with one of those things strapped to his or her head and soon, if it has not already happened, also think about poor mom or dad or friends and family at the funeral seeing the victim in their final life moment's entry into their journal of discoveries. I see only tears at the extremities of risky business activity. What about YOU?

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PEaCe with my initials capitalised.
a e aesthete view of athletic sky.

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L-Way + R-Way = Watch out for an epileptic fit as your corporeal colossal see em goes into overload aka gladiator and the stoic Marcus Aurelius. Way = Mode. cross eye single camera 3d taught moire' the value of moving to the left just a hip swing right to left can make a lot of difference to the dynamics played out in composing a piece. The picture in the middle is the one that counts. It alone holds the value of depth. P=EaT :)

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On photo Rainbow in the Your Best photo .. challenge (1 comment in total)

Every rainbow has the shadow of the eye at its centre.
Therefore a rainbow is a unique event for it's observer.

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How many are the attitudes as expressed via a "POSE"
Subject may stand, sit or lean or do a "TOYOTA LEAP"
However subject rests on a foundation at that instant.
In angle of view to camera compos-ed geometrically.

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Thankyou for not DP-ing me again, words escape me for the moment, to say what ought be said about the irony it was to of been able to re-enter again because of the condition of entry was to be dp'ed is both amazing and amusing even if it is not such a hot photo. Too much vibrance and saturation for my liking. Luv Peat:)

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On photo Rob Parnell Artist in the It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. challenge (1 comment in total)

Belief entails the form of trust in that the outcomes so generated will accomplish the desired end result which one hopes will not end up in a riot. Loving kindness means to me that a name identifies the object and the subject which has both concrete and abstract qualities in the nurture of our natures via introspection. Luv peat:)

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absolutely stunning set of light writings stuff that even Goya would have trouble drawing in the time it took for a person to fall from a third story balcony

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On photo Chief Norfolk Pine Sitting Tree in the The Songs Of Life: I Need A Hero challenge (1 comment in total)

Waiting for one of you wits to pick up the factual fallacy in the naming convention chosen here. Chief BUNYA Sitting PINE tree is the corrected name.

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On photo Wings in motion in the Show movement challenge (1 comment in total)

Mate get rid of theat bright leaf in the background and watch that bee pop out from that dark green.

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On photo Drops in the Show movement challenge (1 comment in total)

Bright edges take the eye right out of the picture.
Tight crop and vignette would make drops pop out.

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