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Somehow it hasn't been stated often enough in this thread that if this camera gets some kind of Google AI enhancements it will probably be kicking the walls down on APSC for many of its pics.

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sportyaccordy: I can't get the damn driver to work. I have an EOS R and an El Gato capture card, so I just use that instead.

For anyone else who has had connection problems it very likely could be the EOS Utility that gorpium mentioned. Just go into the system tray and kill it.

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I keep trying most of the programs ever now and then, just haven't settled on any one program yet, hobby money keeps me away from Adobe. Exposure has really improved a lot since version 3. They always did have a nice interface. But to me it just isn't as good as some others, although they certainly hold their own in the price range they are at. But I will also admit this is all so subjective. I have a friend who has loved it.

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PhotoPhart: Sigma has already made a big difference in the Canon EF-M line

They are good lenses, better than many other Canon M's, and they are also affordable, part of the cost effective benefit of being made for many platforms. I don't think you'll hear too many M users complaining.

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Sigma has already made a big difference in the Canon EF-M line

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JackiePan: Nikon can manufacture masks as masks will be in huge demand, and it will make more profit than cameras for the company at this moment.

yah... but can they manufacture toilet paper? That's where there's big money to be made

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It is obvious by this that Canon has laid out for itself a clear path forward into Mirrorless with precision. This camera coupled with previously released lenses is setting the pace which is good for everyone, pros and enthusiasts.
Competition is awesome.

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Since this will be affecting the cost of manufacturing, I wonder how badly it will mess with the price of cameras and lenses in the next year. It might actually be a good time to buy right now for people who were thinking of buying.

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Botifarro: :
BS excuse! All of it.

Sony is a consumer electronics conglomerate & cares zero about photography or the legacy of their camera/imaging departments. Making cameras is just another business & a small one that. If/when their camera division becomes too much of a strain or a not-profitable-enough headache, Sony will leave everyone hanging & shut it down or maybe sell the division out.. just like they did overnight with things like their decade old Vaio computers as soon as it was not worth their effort anymore.

Guess what? They were also not a computer maker either!

Sony makes & innovates whatever & where ever they can money at, caring zilch about the product itself or having any commitment to anything. Their history is one of continuously dropping out of all thats not an easy money maker.

Yes sure, they are innovative & have made great products along their history. But as a company, one that is depleted of any soul, philosophy, commitment or actual purpose, I have zero respect for.

There is a difference between the sensor division and the camera division. This just seems like a minor corporate decision to protect the more profitable pieces of the company.

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Abu Mahendra: Game over, Sony & Nikon!

such a bad cheap shot Abu bu
This is very good for Sony users especially,
The A9 will finally start having some meaningful upgrades

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Nice job Sony, you not only had a huge influence but you finally managed to wake up 2 giants!!

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(unknown member): You have to wonder with these reviewers if it is their favourite camera to review but how many of them will you actually see out and about squinting in to a rear screen in the bright sunlight or tolerating that clumsy vulnerable EVF on top as their own day to day kit.

It seems though that the position of the EVF provides better access for the fingers to use the touch screen at the same time. Chris was using it that way in his video

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Robert1950: Calgary got all the snow and cold, but Edmonton managed to miss all that, and we are further north. I guess this just proves what everyone in Edmonton already knows, is that Calgary sucks. :)

Don't ruin the Karma Robert :)

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On article What the Z50 tells us about Nikon's APS-C strategy (677 comments in total)

"In effect then, it looks like Nikon is doing with the Z mount what it has been doing with the F mount for the past ten years:"
Excellent article but I find it a bit disappointing. Like this article says, the fact that this camera was not released without a half decent prime is telling. But the idea that people will buy this camera and never change the lens may have been somewhat true for older APSC DSLR's, but I don't think that's the case as much anymore, Anyone who is just a casual shooter is finding their fun in smart phones, and they are better off for it. Smartphones simply blow away the cheap alternatives we had to choose from years and years ago.
Yes selling this camera with a good zoom range lens may mean that some buyers will never buy another lens but I don't think the enthusiast buyers that are left in this new smartphone world will be satisfied with one lens, nor will they be all excited about a FF lens for it either.

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How many of these are they planing on making? 500?

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So now what can we expect from Sony over the next few years? This isn't a bad camera, just a bit overpriced, but we all know Sony could have done more.
Is this the direction of Sony APSC?
This is like number 25th in the Sony ASPC release timeline, Canon has not been at this very long and yet arguably not very far behind. Same for Fuji.
I've been a loyal Sony buyer, now I'm not sure what to do.

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It's ok to walk around an airport with a rifle, but not the beach

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On article Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM sample gallery (451 comments in total)

Nice,.. dam nice. You know how to do it Canon. Now where is that 5000.00 camera to go along with this?

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On article Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM sample gallery (451 comments in total)
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Zvonimir Tosic: Thank you DPR editors and testers, because you have just
– smashed a melon size ostrich egg against your own face,
– shot yourself in the foot,
– covered yourself with feathers and tar,
– and so on.
With each new Canon R lens, your camera bias will make your look more and more ridiculous even to yourselves.

Maybe DPR has seen whats coming, and it isn't more bodies at half the cost of this lens

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Good on ya Nikon. When you and Canon start putting pro mirrorless out there it will get noticed.

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