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  • The A7riv can shoot 12-20 frames a second?
    The A7riv can shoot cinema 4K video?
    The A7riv can shoot an hour of 4K 60p video?
    The A7riv can shoot 10 bit 4:2:2 video?
    The A7riv has eye AF for birds...

  • I was just saying in the A7siii comments, Sony doesn’t really have a camera that competes with the R5. sure it can shoot 2 hours of 4kHQ video down sampled from 8k, but it also has possibly the ...
  • I think you made my point perfectly.
    To compete with the R5 you’ve named 3 cameras you’ll need.
    And what frustrates people is they know Sony will keep the 3 segregated so there never will be a...

  • When talking up the A7siii they say you need the Ninja V for best results.
    With the Ninja V the R5 shoots the 8k down sampled to 4K HQ for a couple hours.

    The A7siii has no downsampling option...

  • This is timely.  I just ditched my windows laptop and started using my MacBook Pro to RDP into work.  I ran into the same thing. i don’t want to go back to two laptops.
  • I think the reason why about half the threads in the Sony FF forum these days are about the R5 in some way is Sony doesn’t have a camera that competes against it. You have to buy 3.
    It’s really...

  • I just made an observation that’s it.

    I picked the a7iii and love it. Half the price of the R5 and better for stills than the A7siii.

    I doubt any would pick the Sony over the Canon for...

  • Need one for the R5 18MP crop mode. It’s still 50% more pixels but virtually the same rolling shutter from what I’ve seen. Very impressive.
    I’d rather have super sampled video too. 18MP you can...

  • You need the Ninja V to get the A7siii to do most of the marque features. 120p is internal though.
    Without a tilting VF you will rarely be able to use the fixed one shooting video.
    Sony used to...

  • I say I prefer the a7iii and zxaar brings up other brands.
    Why don’t you say if the a7iii is better for stills?
    I think it definitely is.

  • Zxaar, it is you trying to decide for everyone not me.
    I expressed my opinion that I like the A7iii more and look forward to the A7iv, that’s all.

    You can’t change my mind no matter how hard you...

  • And there we go. I mentioned I prefer the 24MP in my a7iii, and the trolls change the subject to cameras from other companies for their trolling purposes.
    Any post not about Sony should be...

  • Or we should be able to businesses and corporations stuff for free.
    I’d settle for that too. I have an SUV already picked out.

  • It is really bad.
    You can’t say any critical here without getting flamed. Then the trolls go off on tangents bashing other cameras or anything thing they can.
    I like the a7iii. I prefer 24MP. The...

  • In the review of my A7iii they say the A7iii video is more detailed than the 12MP A7sii.
    It is.
    Super sampling by the A9 and A7iii creates sharper more detailed video.
    I’d rather have a 24MP...

  • I have one drive with my photos.  A script copies everything to another drive, but doesn’t delete anything so I never lose a file.  That 2nd location is backed up to Google. if I need a photo any ...
  • I am a Sony fan but that guy was spewing some BS. The A7siii is better than the A7iii because card slots were reversed?
    With one breath he says lower resolution images can appear sharper even...

  • In the studio scene the A7iii looks better to me in all the ISOs I would use and higher -51200.against the A7sii. The A7iii review mentions the A7sii video is softer too.
    I love the A7iii. Will...

  • I have a backup drive that I sync with iCloud. i copy files to the backup nightly with a copy command.  If I delete an image it stays on my local backup and iCloud.
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