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  • The subject will appear the same size with the same distance from the camera, same settings, etc. What a macro lens allows you to do is focus closer than a standard lens. 35mm will look the same ...
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    I'm thinking I could rent a 1.4 teleconverter to turn my 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 into a 110-560mm f6.3-8 on the D5 and put it on the D500 for a total of 170-850mm! I did check, both the D5 and the D500 ...
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    Just to clarify some things, my lenses are: 14-24mm 24-70mm 70-200mm 80-400mm 105mm macro 50mm f1.4 28-300mm
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    I already have a 105mm f2.8 macro and on my dx that would be 157.5mm. Check out my gear list before you recommend lenses because I already have a lot of glass.
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    One other thing to add is that I'm getting some money soon ($500?) so if there's a lens that would make sense to buy, I could do that.
  • Created question thread Trip to Alaska
    I am going to Alaska for nine days (not a cruise) but I was wondering what I should bring. What I like to do is pack a lot of lenses in a camera suitcase and leave them at the house and while I'm ...
  • I would take the 55mm with the 70-180 so that the mid zoom range isn't completely empty but you're still packing light.
  • Submitted a challenge entry Scan
    I took this on a film camera and I don't know the settings.
    Placed 50th in the challenge. I took this on a film camera and I don't know the settings.
  • Submitted a challenge entry _D5S1874
    Hiker walking through forest
    Placed 27th in the challenge. Hiker walking through forest
  • I'm sorry I forgot to post the budget. Probably under 1000 USD would be my friends budget, but I can ask for a more specific budget.
  • Created discussion thread New camera for a friend
    My first camera was a 10 year old dslr with a kit lens and then I inherited a D5 and a D500 with a lot of pro glass and accessories. I have never had a middle ground camera. A couple days ago, a ...
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    Thank you all for your advice. I found a five terrabyte hard drive and one of my friends has a 1 terrabyte NAS Synology that he hates (because he hates computers now, not because it's bad) that ...
  • My first camera was a Nikon d3000. It sells for 100 usd with kit lens and is an interchangable lens camera. It's ten years old though so I don't know how you feel about that. If you NEED a new ...
  • I have a Nikkor 80-400mm and I LOVE IT! It's a great lens and I'll shoot birds all day with that lens.
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    Thank you all so much! I already am downloading my images to my computer as soon as I get back from shooting, but I have already had two internal drives fail on me and if this one fails, I would ...
  • Created question thread Memory cards
    Not too long ago, I inherited a lot of camera gear. Before that, I would occasionaly shoot birds or my family and storage wasn't an issue. When I inherited the gear, I would go out and shoot more ...
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