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  • Very nice image, lovely colour and beautiful model. Also I like the inclusion of the window which gives more depth to the scene. A great way to end the year.  :-) . Tony.
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    Hi Paul, well done mate, it's a bit risky sometimes making an "executive decision" conquers all.  :-)  . The Zeiss Ikon was too expensive.....but definitely has the best ...
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    Thanks Kostas, I also continue with digital, for some situations it can't be beat. The whole mechanical camera/Film process just feels more rewarding..............and.......less work in front of ...
  • Hi Paul, I send my films to  . They do a good job,and I can download scans from there website which is very convenient . I am very happy to be shooting film again, just enjoy the ...
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    Hi there, yes that's the one, Leica didn't make very many so not very common. Here's a pic of mine. Tony.
  • Thanks Louis, glad you enjoyed a few of them. :-)) .. Tony
  • Here's a few recent films shots taken with Leica iif/ 3.5 Summaron and M1/ 35mm Zeiss C Biogon. Films= Kodak portra400, Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Trix400.  Thanks for looking. Tony.
  • Hi Paul, to my knowledge the M2 does not have the 28 frame lines. I have a pair of M2's, one "push button" rewind,and the other lever rewind, neither has the 28 lines. I think Jeff covered most ...
  • These are great Kostas, Humour,Sex,threat,moody...........and I like the PP.  Tony.
  • Great selection Louis, I have seen some of them in the other place, but not all,and always worth viewing again. You really make the T sing.  Tony.
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    Thanks Louis, the 28mm was the perfect focal length, and dead silent.  :-))  .  Tony.
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    Thanks Rodrigue, they wouldn't allow me to take my Leica  T into the Exhibition.  So I used my " backup" Panaleica CM1.  :-))   .    Tony.
  • Thanks Kostas, one of the great things about London, there is always something available for the camera to be exercised.  :-).  Tony.
  • Hi Mike, glad you liked it. It was taken outside the Science Museum, I was visiting the Alec Soth exhibition "Gathered Leaves". I was waiting for a friend to park the car, no easy task, so I was ...
  • Created discussion thread Bubbles in the City.
    Somewhere in central London.  Leica T.   Tony.
  • Created discussion thread Watching him,watching them,watching us.
    Worpswede Art Gallery. Shot with DMC-CM1.    Tony.
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    Hi Mike, after about 12months of mind scrambling bureaucracy and delays of all kinds. Plus a final estimate for build 80% above original projection, we decided to jump ship! We are just about ...
  • Hi Mike,good to see some pics from you and Q, I like the leaf/slate platter. Hope all is well with you and yours. Regards Tony.
  • Hi Kostas, Nil Desporandum, the inspirational doldrums hit us all from time to time. My personal cure is to just get out there and snap away as much as possible. Give the "self critique " a long ...
  • Hi Rodrigue, it looks like a poor copy of a Leica "Luxus" .Pictures and info on google.  Tony.
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