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probert500: I have the current 14mm and it is a very good lens and is under $300.00.

The idea of AF on a 14mm is funny - it will be the least used motor in the history of motors. f8-11, focus at about a meter, and everything is sharp.

AF is not a miracle worker. But who knows?

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Wilight: The main problem with their existing 14mm is the high and complex distortion, not the lack of AF.

With ptlens it's very well corrected. ItIS a 14mm.

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I have the current 14mm and it is a very good lens and is under $300.00.

The idea of AF on a 14mm is funny - it will be the least used motor in the history of motors. f8-11, focus at about a meter, and everything is sharp.

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When the phrase "next generation smart bag" comes up - do yourself a favor, just get a last generation dumb bag.

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Alphoid: Welps, not something I'd ever buy. $2500 and no autofocus. Not criticizing, but not all too useful for still work.

I dig the interchangeable mount. I was very excited when Sigma introduced that, and then sad when it went to less than a handful of lenses, and then nowhere. Although now that I'm seeing no A-mount.... Or Pentax....

@fmian - sure they took photos but they were blurry.

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On article Samsung launches first removable UFS memory cards (177 comments in total)

It's nice that the center contacts will provide good finger grips. What could go wrong?

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marc petzold: The ideal DSLR for Landscape Photography, or Architecture. Other Reviews Sites noted that Pentax got more DR out of this 2012 Sony 36 MP Design as the D810 Nikon.
And the Pentax is one grand cheaper then the Nikon Competition.

Unless you can adapt the canon T/s lenses, the best for architectural shooting might be either the A7R or A7Rii. Use both with great results.

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On article All about that lens: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III review (450 comments in total)
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Joe Ogiba: The RX10 Mk III is a real eye-opener. Sony has pulled out all the stops to give us a camera that honestly gives us a one-piece alternative to a DSLR and several zoom lenses in a much smaller package.

This camera is as fast and just as good optically as my bigger cameras, and I don't have to change lenses. No, its sensor isn't as big as a DSLR's, but sensors are so good today that it doesn't matter anymore. By using a somewhat smaller sensor Sony has been able to design a lens around it that does things that no larger lens can do. Sony has decades and decades of experience making video cameras with long-range zooms, and many decades of sensor experience (I was an application engineer for Sony's CCDs 25 years ago!), and they've put all this together into one fantastic camera.

If you need a camera with a great ultrawide to ultra-tele lens, this is the best there is. I can't get a lens with this broad a zoom range for any DSLR.

@greynerd Everything is ragged at iso 12,800.

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (810 comments in total)

No doubt incredible, so I know I sound like a putz, but a flip up LCD can make such a big difference: shooting on a copy stand, negotiating a tight corner etc. Plus waist level shooting - which is after all a Hasselblad tradition. Oy

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (475 comments in total)

What does bluetooth have to do with wifi?

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when do they release the Larreee and the Moe-eee?

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Looks very interesting - particularly for architectural or reproduction work. One issue I see is that electronic shutters have a lot of problems with both LED and Fluorescent lights. At this point that's just about all lights. Have the dealt with that?

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excellent interview. Really interesting.

Digital photography has always been distinct from film, and yet both in form factor, and mindset, it has slavishly emulated it. One reason is ease of marketing, another is the innate conservatism of "photographers" as opposed to people using a tool towards a conceptual result.
This break will not only make the film/digital difference apparent to lytro users, but may inspire a new perspective, and consequent new ideas, from "traditional" digital users.

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On article Hands-on with the Sony RX10 III (308 comments in total)
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MikeF4Black: Well, there you have it. A huge camera with a tiny sensor, capable of 25x zoom. For the tourists.

The nikon and canon 1" ARE the sony sensor. It's a very very good sensor.

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probert500: "Eviscerate" has a very strong negative connotation - misleading headline.

Wow I really started something here - I', both proud and sorry at the same time. In common usage it means bad things - imagine my disappointment when the actually like the lens. I feel btrayed!!:-)

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Curious that their new mirrorless is purpose built to deny these adaption shenanigans. Curious people at Sigma.

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ThePhilips: Impressive. But a step backwards, IMO. The lenses are already large enough, and now there is also additional adapter in the middle.

Sigma needs to sit down with Sony and establish a design for a mount-less camera. Or more precisely: for a camera with an interchangeable mount. In that design one could have tried to incorporate the requirements to support a broad range of legacy and modern mounts. Not gonna happen, but would have been a truly impressive development.

or you build a slightly longer lens with compatible electronics or you crazy glue the adapter on and call it a sony e-mount. No mystery.

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On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (492 comments in total)
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Laminated: The industry is making progress, but still failing to deliver the product I'm looking for. Which is simply something better than a iPhone, but as convenient. Wider. 24mm or 25mm equivalent. Faster. f2.0. Fits in a pocket - I mean really, like you can sit down with it still in your pocket. "Pocketable" is failure. The Canon G7x is so close, just needs a wider lens, or even a pano function.

Perhaps you're choice of pants could widen your choice of camera. Pleated fronts, or loose fit, should do the trick.

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"Eviscerate" has a very strong negative connotation - misleading headline.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (309 comments in total)
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probert500: By having a specialized camera that cannot be adapted to other lenses is a major mistake. I could see using this for specific situations (copy work) if my current lenses could be easily adapted. As a mirrorless, this has to be seen as purposeful.

additionally, though the ART lenses are very very good, they are very very large and heavy. By being limited to them, you are once again facing unnecessary constraints.

All very curious. I'd still love to test the foveon though.

Canon and nikon have legacy lenses to consider. Nikon in particular has made it a point of pride that any nikon lens can still be used. Canon only since the EF mount.

To answer you question: most lenses can be adapted to the canon mount - except ironically FDs, none can be adapted to the nikon mount. (assuming you want infinity focus)

But this is old school and not a concern of a modern design. Obviously the micro 4/3 mount addressed this for some manufacturers. No one can miss the appeal of the sony mirrorless to vintage/ manual lens collectors. (that's why I own 3.)

So sure, sigma can do whatever they want. I'm just saying its a mistake, and one that could have been easily avoided with the mirrorless design. They have a unique sensor, and have been uniquely inept from a hardware/software POV.

In fact I'd go so far as to say adaptability is one of the main reasons for the mirrorless design. Or maybe better, an unforeseen consequence that has become an expectation.

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