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    Not really but thanks. I think I will  contact Nikon and try to find a PDF of the manual.
  • Replied in anybody ???
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    No play in the focus ring whatsoever. On mine anyway. In fact, it's the smoothest most fantastic lens focusing ring I have ever had.  It's big, precise and smooth as silk. You don't mention if you ...
  • I like it. I think it suits the subject well.
  • Created discussion thread looking for an older Nikon lens manual
    I'm looking for the Nikon manual for the 500mm f/4 AI-S.  Nikon seems to have the online manuals for the AF versions only.  Thanks.
  • Thanks Leonard. That's what I was looking for. I remember the time when Ronnie Gaubert would post magnificient pictures of insects closeup with the older 300mm f/4 and wondered if the new one ...
  • I don't understand your reply.  I don't have feelings for anything that I buy and I'm not brand loyal if there is something better I can have for the same price.  I understand objectivity.  ...
  • I'd like to know the results of that combination good or bad. Anybody tried extension tubes ?  Impressions ? Thanks.
  • I think it's buried somewhere in the scene modes that is selected with the rotary control on top left of the camera. It's like the other automated modes that are programmed to choose the best ...
  • I've never used the back button to focus.
  • Do you mean that the instructions for the 200-400mm f/4 VR and VR II are the same ? I should have mentioned 200-400mm VR II in my post.
  • "When you buy a Nikkor it's a hit and miss." That's slightly outrageous don't you think ? If you do your homework before buying a lens from any manufacturer there should be no hit or miss. There is ...
  • I often hear about VR induced image degradation myself and never experienced it. I have a 300mm f/2.8 that I always use handheld and always use with VR on no matter what shutter speeds are ...
  • Fist of all congratulations on buying one of Nikon's absolute best. I love mine more than most of the lenses I have. I see nothing wrong with your shots but the sports mode will take control of ...
  • I will try holding the lens underneath the hood at 400-500mm. I suspect the part that comes out of the barrel might have some minute play in it which is just enough to cause movement. I had a few ...
  • I have a 200-500mm. I mainly tested it at equestrian events and all I can say for now is it's a frustrating lens for that. If you mainly plan on shooting on a tripod or monopod, you will probably ...
  • Very good. Lighting conditions have to be ideal to shoot at low ISO and high shutter speeds of 1/2000 like you have here. I'll try 1/2000 at 500mm but I suspect I will have to raise my ISO quite a ...
  • Yes and try shooting a stationary subject just to rule out possible lens impact damage.
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    I never did a wedding and probably never will but if I did, I'd bring this lens for sure. It would be my first choice.  Of all the lenses I've ever had by Nikon or any other manufacturer, it's the ...
  • Thanks for the tips Leonard. I have tried a few things already. I do get more sharp pictures of moving subjects with a solid support. I need to test this further. Technique could be an issue since ...
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