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On article Nine tips to help you win at photography competitions (100 comments in total)
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rsf3127: 1. Use a wide angle.

2. Children or pups are very appealing.

3. Crank up the saturation and clarity, and open the shadows just enough to hide the noise.

4. If the subject is miserable, you get points.

Anything else will hardly pass the first draft.

number 4 :)

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On article Nine tips to help you win at photography competitions (100 comments in total)
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Mariano Pacifico: 1. Shoot at the right moment means lugging a compact digital camera light enough for a quick draw
2. Shoot ra-ta-tat and do not forget to engage bracketing
3. Don't plan your shoot. Shoot what strikes you. Do not forget #1 & #2 always.
4. Crank up your auto ISO to 800 this is the highest ISO that is grain-acceptable and grain-imperceptible.
5. Prefer drive-by-shooting you can only do this with #1 & #2 you cannot do this with extremely fast bazookas
6. If it calls for a headshot approach from behind call your subjects attention before pushing that trigger
7. Always carry a shooter with the red dot
7. Always remember the judges do not blow up the subjects forget the grains, chroma, sharpness and dynamic range
8. Avoid loud and aggressive subjects. Do not compare yourself with others for always there will be lesser photographers than yourself.

Number 3 is subject specific. It will only work some of the time.

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On article 2017 Oskar Barnack award offers €80,000 prize fund (55 comments in total)
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Paul_B Midlands UK: That photo is dreary and not interesting in any way i totally fail to see how it would impress anyone or need any skill to capture such a shot. Bored.

Kevin, upon closer inspection that is what I perceived as well but even that is not clear. She could have her hands behind her. The fur of her coat doesn't just hang, it curves towards the back where the wrists could be. I see zero effectiveness here. If she has no arms, it should be clearer than that. If she does have arms, the message makes no sense to the viewer.

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I really enjoyed these. I just wish the photographer was not in the pictures. It gives the impression that the primary reason of his endeavor was self promotion.

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On photo Norwegian Coast in the Best Landscape with at least one Lighthouse in it. challenge (12 comments in total)


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On photo In the Dark in the Black & White Photo of the Week #21 challenge (19 comments in total)

Beautiful. A timeless portrait and a wonderful shadow/highlight study.

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I appreciate the samples. I didn't expect some so soon. I would have liked more portraits done wide open against diversified backgrounds to better judge bokeh. They will come soon enough I guess.

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Richard Franiec: For the size/weight/price, this lens should require tweaks to reduce some serious issues regarding color fringing to qualify as an Art series lens.
Just look at high contrast areas (in 100% view): plenty of purples and greens on the edges.

I'm with you Rishi. There is some CA in very high contrast areas (dark tones on white) mainly but it's far from intense. I've seen so much worse from well regarded lenses. This will be easy to correct if bothersome IMHO.

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historianx: Fine and dandy Sigma, but what about updating your woefully mediocre 24-70/2.8 to Art status?

Yeah and it's missing 35mm of very useful focal length at the long end.

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oopsibrokeit: I have not used an APS camera for quite a while , a sigma pair of 18-35 along with the 50-100mm would cover a lot of my needs. They would cover in FF AOV the 28mm, 35mm,50mm, 85mm and 135mm lenses those are by a margin my most used lenses . I will be looking at the D500 samples RAW when we get a chance a lot more seriously than I would have before, exciting times

Interesting indeed. The 50-100mm if it is sharp enough wide open and has good bokeh could be good for portraits with that range. To me the 18-35mm as good as it is optically needs to loose a few mm in focal length at the wide end. It's not wide enough for landscapes or indoor architecture on DX.

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On photo Looking Back in the Outdoor Portrait challenge (6 comments in total)

Great portrait and expression. I like the processing as well.

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On article Delayed: Nikon Japan pushes D500 to end of April (139 comments in total)
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Josh152: I have a feeling there was a lot more demand for this camera than Nikon suspected. Which is probably why it took so long to be offered in the first place and when it finally was, probably just so Nikon had an answer to the 7DII, the high demand for the camera took Nikon by surprise. I love how everyone is making absurd conspiracy theories about defects and slamming Nikon for the delay. These same people would be even more critical of Nikon if they released on time and then immediately had a 3 month back-order just to fill the pre-orders.

Don't want to sound cynical but it's probably what is going to happen. If the demand is so high, they will ship the first batch worldwide and then what ? BO for a month or more. Why would Nikon be surprised at the high demand ? You really think they had no clue ? Serious amateurs, semi-pro's and pro's have been waiting for this camera for several years.

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On article Delayed: Nikon Japan pushes D500 to end of April (139 comments in total)
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The Silver Nemesis: Good - this means better QC from Nikon.

You wish.

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Sannaborjeson: Forever? Sounds a bit silly.
The only lenses we now use 'forever' are those with MF and mechanic aperture.

Silly indeed. Forever is a long time when modern electronics are used.

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On article Top 5: Hands-on with Nikon D500 (784 comments in total)
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rekky: The D500 is a great camera for sports and wildlife shooters. For landscape/people shooters, the hope is that some of the new features will trickle down to the D7200 successor. For my purposes, I don't want to make the sacrifice of a lower MPix count in order to boost the shutter rate. Although I rarely use it, it's nice to have a fill-in flash available when you're not packing your external flash. But, the main feature that I'd like to see on the D7200 successor is the tilt-able LCD screen; it would eliminate some contortions that I am forced to make when shooting low to the ground.

If it wasn't for the cost of selling DX lenses and then buying the equivalent FX lenses, I would upgrade to a D750 based on it's current pricing.

@photomedium: The D5500 doesn't have focus fine tune which is a deal killer for a lot of us. It might have everything else but without the possibility to fine tune focus with specific lenses it's a seriously crippled camera IMHO.

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Is it just me or there is a banding issue with the sample images posted ? I can't see it in the stadium shot but it's apparent in the rear wall at right in the second shot and more apparent in the left wall in the third pic (lady with the wine glass). High ISO noise reduction doing weird things perhaps ?

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Nikon is so not on the ball these days. It's time for a management change and with it a change in company philosophy. In the last few years they seem to have utterly lost their way. Being more transparent with their loyal customers would be a good start.

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Michel F: so the The EOS 7D Mark ll is a prosumer camera now ?

@thk1138: Tell me why the 7D Mark II is considered a prosumer camera ? Don't tell me it's because it has an APS-C sensor because we both know that would be a silly answer.

You say only the 1 series are considered pro... According to who ? Canon and you ? And Eisa ?

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so the The EOS 7D Mark ll is a prosumer camera now ?

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nunatak: this is the second year in a row the DPreview interview with Nikon comes across as weak. this despite a number of concerns expressed by readers last year, and Barney blaming the interpreters.

for the N1 series alone, Nikon could have been pressed on why so many batteries for different models? why no CLS or hotshoe? why no N1 lens roadmap?

just a thought, but perhaps next time DPreview will open the floor to let readers ask some of the questions, and hire journalists with a bit more spine to press the questions?

@Vlad: You can't read between the lines with Nikon. Everything seems to be shrouded in absolute secrecy.

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