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P Hartung: Please. It’s a novelty for a few Mac users, at best. The vagueness of ’11 megarays, 8x optics, etc.’ is laughable. If these specs were photographically significant then they would have been made clear in terms that photographers understand (corresponding to the 35mm standard).

And what segment of the market is this aimed at – the P/S users who know little more than how to click the shutter release? Those who don’t fathom spending more than $200.00 per throw-away camera?

Lytro has not realistically positioned/equipped this thing to snag a coherent portion of the market, and it certainly isn’t going to carve out an untapped segment.

The technology itself is intriguing, but this first application of it seems like a total blunder. Too bad.

The Devil of Photography is unintentional blur. Could be just out of focus could be just a tad slow exposure. This is certainly the Devil's plaything. Not to disparage the technology, but the marketing and hype seem to be aimed at the venture capitalists. Not the kid at Facebook who can not read the Elf manual about face recognition. Ironic huh? What consumer is going to go in and refocus their shots? People who care to do that know how to bracket and shoot variations with the easy to hold and carry $200 cameras they have. Why is is so hard for people to understand how photographs are made, why make another camera that protects us from that knowledge?

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While no real big fan of LaChapelle's staunchly inbred and creatively numb work, I do respect his originality and productivity. For content I prefer Mapplethorpe and Witkin for photographic veracity and seriousness of effort to provoke, both virtues Lachepelle assiduously eschews. His challenge to the cultural zeitgeist is predictable and without memorable pique (spice, ironically)

Rihanna commits a creative sin much worse in the effort to create work "inspired by" or "derivative of "and that is laziness. This is a common trait of those who wish to phone-in their creative work, –the failure of imagination. What is REALLY funny is that Lachapelle is not all that interesting to begin with. He is pretty much a John Waters Wannabe, but pulls it off. He does with John Waters work what Rihanna could not do with his work! Boldfaced copying is and should be illegal, it is base in it's very intent. This unimaginative copycat ought to be spanked hard.


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