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"elusive group shot with all eyes open".... say "cheese" and you will reflexively blink right afterwards, try it.

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fmian: 'the sensor is 53.7 x 40.4mm'
'The 'full frame' MF sensor guarantees that the full field-of-view of MF lenses can be realized'

I'm pretty sure 645 format has a larger frame size than 53.7 x 40.4mm, with the longest edge of the exposed frame being 55mm or 56mm. So does this camera give a cropped field of view or does Phase One actually make their lenses for a smaller 645 format than everyone else?

If you see an analog print with a fuzzy white border that means the photographer was using the full frame. 100% viewfinders were standard on most medium format cameras; they involved looking down on a ground glass directly above the mirror with no pentaprism involved.

However getting a full format print usually meant taking a mill file to your negative carrier and other hassles; using the full image is certainly easier with digital

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On article Cold War camera: 1950s Berlin in color (part 1) (122 comments in total)
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Jeroen1971: This building (slide nr. 12) is the Deutsche Sporthalle on the Karl Marx Allee, former Stalinallee. Built in 1951, they closed it down in 1968 and tore it down in 1971, since the build quality was so bad, it nearly collapsed on its own.

You have asked people to identify buildings; #1 is of course the Reichstag, site of the very last fighting in the battle of Berlin. That may be obvious to all, but perhaps not.

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That is the redacted version. The soldier in the foreground had an instrument on his right wrist- perhaps a compass, perhaps a 2nd (looted) wristwatch.

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This should be required reading for everyone who thinks tilt/shift is used to decrease DoF.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2083 comments in total)

The grip is very sturdy but has a notch in the lower right corner that digs into the heel of my hand. My most serious gripe about this otherwise near-perfect camera.

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bdcolen: Hey, folks, the issue really isn't 4/3, M4/3, or anything else having to do with photography. For longer than most of you have been alive, the photographic side of Olympus has been the tail perceived as wagging the dog. Olympus makes its money from it's non-photographic business - medical and scientific instruments, including, especially, microscopes and various medical scopes. The photography business is what most people know, but it is essentially a drag on the bottom line, not the bottom line.

Yes, Olympus makes some really terrific lenses, but the particularly good ones also are particularly expensive - the 7-14 f 2 4/3 zoom, the 14-35 f2 4/3 zoom, the 35-100 f 2 zoom, the 150 f 2, the 300 2.8. No one - period - makes anything that even tries to compete with Olympus in that all-inclusive 28-200 zoom range. Unfortunately, however, Olympus does not make a modern, competitive body on which to mount the lenses and fully utilize them. And probably never will.

The 11-22, 50 and 50-200 were all old when I bought them in 2007 and each is the best of it's type that I have ever used, mostly compared to Nikkors and Schneiders.

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Nice photo, but exactly in the Weston/Adams style- who hated pictorialism.

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To those who do it, woodworking is the process and woodwork is the result. So I interpret this, along with the host's instructions, to mean pictures of woodworkers at work. But I don't make the rules.

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On photo March for Tibet in the Political statement (READ THE RULES) challenge (2 comments in total)

if it was unposterized. Wonderful composition and decisive moment. However the postprocessing is particularly inappropriate for this subject as it ends up resembling the propaganda posters used by the oppressors of Tibet and other totalitarians. 3.0

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