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NikonScavenger: First of all, the orbs are real. I have no doubt that the people posting real world photos taken in a variety of situations are not maliciously trying to ruin Fuji's reputation by doctoring the images or exacerbating the issue. I also have no doubt that dpreview is pursuing the issue out of sincere concern for consumers, and not trying to single out Fuji.

What I don't understand is people who adamantly think this isn't real, is an exaggeration/fabrication, then go on to discredit and attack any legitimate sources who disagree.

It'll be fine, the fact that the product you bought being flawed does not reflect negatively upon what kind of person you are. Searing/irrational denial does... or calls into your motives for defending a flawed product. The internet is full of shills, mostly because it's so hard to prove, yet you tend to find them screaming at the top of their lungs that nothing is wrong and discrediting people who have legitimate concerns...

I wish I had your X10. The one I have got here shows the white orbs on all small reflections of the sun on metal and water. Those are not direct bright lights.

You can reply on all comments saying that your X10 is much better than the rest and I have no reason not to believe you. But do you think it will contribute to these comments by repeating your statement over and over?

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Last week I also bought a X10. I read about the white orbs but thought it would not bother me. It was a sunny day and I was testing the X10 just to see how it performs not thinking about the withe orbs at all. The photos were shot outside and cars were shining in the sun.

After reviewing the photos on my iMac 6 big white orbs were immediately visible on the edges of the cars. Another photo which shows the sun reflecting in a small lake contained numerous white orbs.

All other photos did not contain any white orbs, but did show beautiful images. The photos taken indoor in the evening without a flash were the best I have ever seen, unlike my other cameras.

I am an amateur, trying to learn and like taking pictures. Willing to spent time and money into this hobby. The X10 live up to my expectations in quality except for the white orbs. It does bother me more than I thought and I will return the camera.

Fujifilm please solve this issue so I won't have a problem buying it again.

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