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I am involved in European R&D project dealing with image enhancement, geo tagging,
visual search, color similarity retrieval, CBR, watermarking, gps-geo tagging, IPTC photo
metadata, IPR, image management, semantic web, high quality photo restoration


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Hi, I am wondering if there is any objctive bechmark available between the HP Z9+ and the Epson 9900 in terms of:

1. printing quality
2. overal considerations


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Hi. I think that overall speaking, in consideration of the price tag and features, the Autel EVO is still probably the best investment since it cost a bit more than the new Mavic air BUT technically speaking sit near the Mavic pro and actually in many respect beast the Mavic pro too!

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Hi, this might be a killer to the Olympus Pen-F ?

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Hi all, it will be interested to hear from Digimarc their reaction to this article and I am wondering if this solution can indeed remove Digimarc watermark too?

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Very sad news. As consequence the Fratelli Alinari Photo Archive in Florence, Italy (http://www.alinari.com) will remain as one of the oldest photographic operation still in activity today, as it was established in the year 1852 by 3 Alinari brothers.

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Vit Adamek: Great micro 4/3 cam, I know it because I have it but I am keeping A7 Mark 1 as well which I got used from ebay for the same money. One no longer has to side particular manufacturer or system and can use best of many brands and systems.

In terms of features, if we consider also the still photo part (no video considerations), I think/guess, that Olympus Pen-F is still providing few better features. In terms of image quality, low noise at high ISO and so on, not sure... Any feedback on this side by side cameras?

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Hi all, I still very confused if better to get a GX85 or an Oly Pen-F, especially if video is NOT interesting to me.
According also to the camera compare site (http://cameradecision.com/compare/Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-GX85-vs-Olympus-PEN-F), the 2 cameras are very similar. Better price for GX85 but for shutter speed, EVF, shutter speed, point of focus and so on, Pen-F is superior. Plus you get the Art filters:-)
Anyone can make a final personal decision?

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Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me to decide the best camera solution for my needs. Currently I own an Olympus Pen-2 with couple of lenses. I use it to shoot events, travel, holidays and leisure but of course my aim is to make brilliant, high resolution and amazing images. The main needs is to have a camera that should not be noticed by most people (otherwise people get distracted)...., that has a fast enough burst rate (around 8 fps), HDR built in, EV manual controls, at least 16 megapixels, a sensor with truly low noise in shadow. The Panasonic GX8 and the Olympus Pen-F where the initial solutions (maybe Panasonic better because its more accurate focusing and frame/second), but than I got a bit puzzled by Canon PowerShoot GX-7, Fuji xPro-2, Sony a6300... Mmm, what shall I do? Are those other cameras offering betters image quality in terms of low noise, manual controls and overall features?

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....And what is the advantage for the Panasonic to have the WiFi with NFC while the Pen-F has a simple WiFi only?

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Hi all, I was thinking to buy a Pen-F. However I have major concern about the following negative feedback from dpreview about: Sports and action shooter seeking a camera that can both fire bursts, while maintaining focus on a moving subject..... Is the Panasonic GX8 truly better for sport and action photography? Or maybe a simple firmware update might fixed this issue soon for the Pen-F ?

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Here it is a side by side review


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Reilly Diefenbach: Still 299, still way too much.

Dear Don B.,
Photoshop is to me the best solution for image enhancement and optimization. For image capture you need indeed a dedicated and stand alone solution. This is how it works in the real life. Putting everything together will be not possible. Asking Leaf/PhaseOne to make a replica and integrate their capture solution into a Photoshop like is just too much. And the same to Adobe. Asking Adobe doing that, it is not their focus.
I find in my workflow a very stable way. First step I use Capture One and second step in Photoshop. I get the best from the 2 worlds without much hassle.

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Reilly Diefenbach: Still 299, still way too much.

It is a very great software. I have used it since version 6.x and I love it. Very fine controls and tuning. A perfect companion for Photoshop. But in some cases, like color control, I find it actually even more powerful :-)

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Sorry for the silly question: is this camera able to accept I guess with the Canon M mount, Panasonic and Olympus 4:3 lenses? If yes, I will still have all controls in my camera (ie. autofocus, and so on....).

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Hi all, I know it is early to ask but if you are a semi-pro photographer and need this kind of Micro Four Thirds system camera, considering to go for bigger sensor and top quality, along with very fast images/second, which brand and model you would consider at first?

1. Olympus Pen- EPL-3?
2. Samsung NX10?
3. Panasonic GF3?
4. Sony Nex-5?
5. Nikon V1?

Any suggestion is VERY welcome!

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