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Live view before is not really important before, but everything changes. For an entry level camera, most users of it are more comfortable with using the live view. So I think DPR is correct for being hard on its performance.

If this product was released 2 or 3 years ago, then as I quote from the review

"That said, if you are after a no-nonsense , ‘traditional style’ entry-level DSLR that is a solid performer on all levels, with good image quality, the Nikon D3200 might be exactly the right match for you..."

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BoyntonBlade: This makes me want to sell my NEX.

No really. LOL

sarcasm 101

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i wonder what will happen to those who buys grey units. I am pretty sure, the local Fuji distributor in your place won't accept anything they didnt sell

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forpetessake: And the truth is that Sony is making a lot better cameras than Nikon with the same sensors. The latter are cheaper, of course, otherwise why would anybody buy them.

it is just that Nikon have better jpeg engine, not an issue to the RAW user, but at this market segment, I think more than 70% will just shoot jpeg

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videography porn

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Dannyboy292: The test is not right...use a canon lens on the canon and the Nikon equivalent on the Nikon, canon users shoot with canon lenses not Nikon!

you cannot mound Canon lens on nikon body even with an adapter (unless you use an adapter with glass, which degrades the IQ)

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if it is expensive for you, then it is not for you.

I would even say the same for other high end compacts like Oly XZ-1 and Canon G12, but then again, compactness of the product does not matter to me.

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Wow. a non-interchangeable, small sensor NEX 5

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great article. I ended up reading more of his articles.

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R Valentino: I still don't see the benefits of these type of cameras over a DSLR, either a compact crop or even FF models.

None of them will fit in your pocket with the lens attached. Once you reach that point it makes little difference if it's one pound or two hanging around your neck. Especially with what you give up compared to DSLRs.

Give me a good compact model like the S100 or Samsung WB750 (IQ withstanding) any day for travel.

i know that 5D mkII IQ is a lot better than Nex 3 but I would not call NEX 3 output as crappy.

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SDF: Good job Sony for "man-up" and fix the problem.

They did not fixed the problem. They will only offer adjustment to reduce the clicking sound.

And what is so "man up" with Sony?. They wont even acknowledge that their camera is really defective and partly blames the user for not using their product right.

(This phenomenon occurs if the camera undergoes sudden motion while recording; motion generally inconsistent with smooth video recording.)

Cmon, every P&S, DSLR, Cam Phone that shoot videos don't even have this clicking PHENOMENON whenever I shoot with "sudden motion inconsistent with smooth video"

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