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Wow, people been using it for years...it IS a camranger hardware and DSLRdashboard ( or digicamControl for a backup ) software.....I paid less than $20 for mine...I have shot them in highly demanding, pics with santa scenarios, where I had a 100ft line and worked all day seamlessly to transfer to my print lab.....The research at the time ( more than 2 years ago ) showed the router to be the IDENTICAL router as the CamRanger you were just paying the other $280 for their software...

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lac111: Hoping with this PR hit, the price drops at least a couple of hundred on D750s. :)

yep i got one with 400 clicks off ebay for 1600 haha...Thats why ill never understand these dang Nikon apologist its NEVER in a consumers self interest to defend a corporation for free....its INSANE......

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Karl Summers: This camera wasn't ready to be released prior to Christmas, yet Nikon did it anyway before the camera was thoroughly tested for defects. Now there is a major recall and Nikon is taking a huge hit for it. The company has poor leadership. I remember a poster stating the Canon 5D Mark III had the same issue, yet I don't remember a major recall for that camera.

I don't need the constant headaches that Nikon inspires. Canon may not have the latest greatest sensor tech, but at least I can rely on my camera.

And one more thing, this is what you get for buying the first incarnation of a new product line...suckers.

I had problems with BOTH of my Canon 7D's, the difference was when I sent them in I didnt have to PROVE purchase or have bought from approved to make money off me dealers...both were bought 2nd hand..one in warranty one out both with no receipts...no issue no charge....Nikon wont service my import ( its the same camera off the same line ) for a factory defect, wont let me pay for it, wont sell parts so 3rd party service shops can fix it, and WONT RELEASE IT WITHOUT MAJOR ISSUES REQUIRING service they wont give...If the right people dont make the correct amount of profit off you Nikon wont stand behind their factory defects nor even allow you to pay for it....apply this to your car before you think its a reasonable stance...oh and canon doesnt have that stance you can at the least pay for repair

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yonsarh: so they will release D760 ???

I have 2 bodies one I would refer to as minor one NOT SO MUCH...its only minor if YOU dont have a seriously affected body and arent paid to shoot weddings..

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Joed700: I think dpreview should wait at least a year before giving GOLDEN AWARDS to new cameras. This isn't the first time that a camera gets high marks by Dp and ended up with design flaws...

exactly that were MADE to change their mind and FORCED to act on this specific instance by FORUM members taking it up and testing...reporting their finding while being bashed for it and NOT dereview nor any other site who said NOTHING about this issue...until one finally listened ...Nikon wants credit? after 4 cameras releases with arguably fairly major fiasco with each how about you do a little QC and have ONE release...

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Debankur Mukherjee: These design flaws have become a standard for Nikon Cameras, but at least it is nice of them that they are addressing the issue quiet fast........and not denying like they did with the P7000 and D600 bodies........

this community NOT Nikon which was bashed whistle blowing is to be commended they were MADE to do it....Canon sensor do such but they are a MUCH better company to deal with.....prefer their bodies, and cheaper/better lenses like their 1.2's but I admit im left eyed dominate and like being able to assign the AFON to the outboard most button on their pro level bodies... Keeping my investment in either Sigma ART ( because I can change mounts on my lenses ) and patiently waiting for Canon to break down and either use Sony sensors like Nikon or produce one that competes...better company better lenses better bodies...but the sensor is the heart....

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Simple man: If people wanted flawless performance from a camera they would just buy Canon. Canon has a reputation for giving customers exactly what they want in a camera. Ignoring technologies and giving features Canon users demand.

The 7Dii is a superior example of Canons ability to deliver based on the request of customers. Totally forgoing any real upgrade in sensor. They delivered the camera wanted by the masses. Where is Nikons elusive D400?

Admittedly a recall (or wahtever this is) for the D750 was a good decison by Nikon. No such action has or will ever need done for Canon cameras. Ever.

as a user of both systems I can absolutely say Canon as a company to deal with especially on warranty is LIGHT YEARS a better company than Nikon....BUT their sensor tech is more than a generation behind...THE INSTANT they match Nikon sensors Ill be gone and reward their better customer service...Look at what Roger at lensrentals has to say he deals with 1000s of service transactions a year his opinion should weigh more than anyones even OUR OWN experiences....Why or Why wont Canon just buy Sony sensors as well? Its ironic the best thing about Nikon isnt even made by Nikon haha

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(unknown member): Get used with it. My brand new 50K EUR car "lost" its DSG (hi tech automatic gearbox) after just...409 Km!!! The representative office service was unable to determine the issue, so they asked the factory, and the factory sent a new DSG in a box. I was informed afterwards that an entire batch of those DSGs had various issues, and that many cars were "recalled". One important point: this DSG stuff can be considered mature tech by now. But, if you have technology, you will always have issues. Minor or major.

also on your car would you be mad if you didnt buy it from an authorized dealer therefore the admitted DSG issue wouldnt be repaired under warranty NOR if you paid out your pocket NOR would they allow any other service shop work on it NOR would they sell the DSG ( even at profit ) to ANY shop so that you HAD to use them and HAD to buy from who THEY say should make the profit off you? Its INSANE we let Nikon do this it would be unreasonable in any other genre of our lives as consumers...

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Bob from Plymouth: Will this operation to correct existing stock be world-wide? The joy of being the first with a new product has been somewhat diminished of late.

waited months myself but the reviewers didnt pick it up....I got one thats real bad and one thats definitely livable....Nikon sucks but Sony sensors are awesome!! love the d750 AF and jpeg engine performance at high ISO!!!

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oselimg: As long as there are Brand/Gear slaves and cynical endorsing by websites some manufacturers won't give a penny for quality checks. Instead they will bring out anything to get their current financial shortcomings subsidized by the consumer then will pay it back interest free. That's called free market ethics.

exactly the pathetic apologist are entirely to blame for their own beloved companies failure to change or invest in QC because they mitigate the bad PR for free...In fact as consumers we should ALL trash every camera Nikon puts out, that would be in OUR self interest but maybe not our fragile psyches I guess...

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Andy G: I am even seeing the reputable grey/gray/parallel market dealers removing the D750 from their websites.

For me, I am pretty impressed with Nikon's stance in all of this.

Remember the original iPhone 4? Jobs' fix was to give us a free case. :-)

I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a D750.

you can thank the community that was bashed for it.....not Nikon nor this sites review...

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Christmas ball: Best cameras in the world. D800 and now D750. Vivat Nikon.

evidently you didnt get a d800 with Left autofocus issue, I DID ( but the VENDOR not Nikon done me a solid on a D800e that was trouble free ) nor a D750 ( I got 2 with it, one bad one livable which is the type I suspect those that dont see a problem have )...

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JRFlorendo: D800 to D810, D600 to D610, D750 to D7??......like what they say, three strikes and you are ???!

the cameras are good enough to be the number 1....Nikon as a company not so much

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On article Nikon issues statement on rumored D600 / D610 swap-outs (118 comments in total)

They can't admit it because it would basically be a recall at that point and cost them a lot...they aren't willing for that....personally I think they should at least have a generous trade in policy for d600 users to d610 only.....
Fyi.....Canon repaired 2 second hand 7d bodies for me one out of warranty no problems with a quick turn around in both cases....

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