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Panasonic TZ100, TZ80, ZS50, ZS40, ZS30, Panasonic SD800, Panasonic FZ38, plus add-on lenses: Nikon E17ED, Nikon E15ED, Olympus TCON17, Canon TL-55, Canon DC52B, Olympus C180, Olympus C210, Raynox DCR250, Canon 250D.
Previously owned Panasonic FZ2, FZ3, FZ7, FZ18, FZ28; Sony Mavica FD73, Sony Mavica FD88.

Author of the FZ3 FAQ on Yahoo FZ3 Group.


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Jim144: I disagree with those who think Jeff's reviews are suitable to be published here. The two sites are completely different, and I don't think that DPR's reviews and conclusions should be confused by the addition of non-standard testing. Jeff, I'll always continue to read your reviews on DCRes, but I value more the consistency of reviews on both your site and this one. I would much prefer the sites remained distinct.

I agree with you. Jeff's reviews have always had a quite different approach to DPR's and they should remain separate. I can't see any point in just repeating verbatim a review that was published elsewhere and adding a score to it. In that case why not simply provide the link to Jeff's review and save the trouble of copying it? Publishing the same review on different sites is not really helping anyone.

Link | Posted on Apr 30, 2012 at 12:37 UTC
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