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nonolet: ok


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...that doesn't exist.

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Jeremy, if you're bored, just retire bro. You've accomplished enough. Go out on top, no shame.

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Called it.

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mastix: Just tried it. An amazing tool. Mind blowing what tech is achieving. You are not going to be like Rembrandt or Rubens with this tool but it has so many possibilities and will only improve in the future to surreal levels.

Yeah, but in reality, internet perverts are just going to use it to make realistic henti.

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E V P: People, don't be afraid of change. If change didn't happen we'd be still drawing pictures with charcoal.
This will be a great tool for storyboard artists, creating landscapes that don't exist, but will exist in a final movie.
I see this another way, a tool that can allow challenged people to create realistic images from anything they draw, I think it would help as a communication tool so the drawer could communicate with a wider audience on things they cannot say. It could be a creative tool for those on a spectrum.
Think of it from their eyes, making a photography from things you haven't really seen, of places you haven't been to or of structures that only existed in their minds.

I, for one, embrace our new Artificial Intelligence overlords! Plug me into the Matrix!

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More like the Photoshop awards... am I right?

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This story doesn't pass the sniff test.

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What corporate media needs is an "Advertising Accountability Initiative" so that the general public knows who is paying for what content to be published.

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This is an abomination.

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sirhawkeye64: The drone market has basically been killed by the politicians. I'm at a point I'm about to sell mine. It's gotten somewhat restrictive (some places, you can't even fly them in public parks--like city parks). And out by me, about the only place you CAN fly them (aside from your own backyard) is some open fields with nothing... making it almost pointless to even bother.

Most of my friends who bought drones as a hobby have sold them due to the restrictions as well.

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A noble gesture.

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Imagine my shock.

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SteveAnderson: "it's an undeniably good move for Apple to provide its customers more ways to use an Apple product"

'Hold your customers hostage' is another way to write that.

"Users have been unable to recalibrate or fine-tune their Apple Pro Display XDR."

I think that says it all. They aren't providing a solution, they're selling the solution to customers who are willing to pay for it.

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