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G Davidson: What a controversial camera! I suggest people wait and judge it by it's fruits- the results of using it. Having such a lens range could be more useful than just a kit lens that cuts out before the traditional 'portrait' length of 105mm, for the mostly-one-lens approach so many end up having. If the sensor and lens quality ends up being better than a typical M4/3 camera, what's not to like?

It's true that on paper there are a lot of disappointments- the 24fps video, the dark lens and it not starting at 24mm, the lack of evf, the weak battery. In fact, they may be enough to put me off relying on this as my take around camera. I'd also prefer to be able to change the lens with something this big, especially for a bright prime. Yet even if I'm not yet sure if it's right for me (or many others on this site), I'm still quite interested to see what it is capable of ... and expect a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with similar features to be not too far behind...

most of the comments here are just blowing smoke. it is what it is.no pro is going to buy the g1x to replace his fx or dlx. but he will buy it for his wife or for himself to take to the beach, dinner at frends house etc. as many others would. i may even buy one as its only about half the cost of any one my cheapest lenses.

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