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On article Fujifilm X-T3 Review (2480 comments in total)

As a Sony A7ii owner I would seriously consider this over upgrading to the A7iii but Fuji need to update the focus speed on their older lenses (release refresh models).

Whenever a new Fuji camera comes out it says something along the lines of “autofocus is impressive when using one of the newer lenses”. The issue with this is that some of the older glass give the DOF control thst a FF user wants, I don’t really want to use an equivalent F3 prime (the 50mm F2) when doing portraits, but the 56 F1.2 (which matches my Batis 85mm for DOF control) would not be able to keep up well with the new Eye AF.

The Fuji lens lineup world be amazing IF they all had modern AF, like all the Sony and m43 ones do. That’s a good point - why is it only really Fuji who has this Problem?

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V Ahrlenz: Don't hold me to this, because I could be dead wrong, but if what I'm thinking is true, then I probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

This being said, in the recent past I have either bought or acquired a Nikon D7100 with a broken on/off switch; a Pentax K-3; a Nikon D5100; an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark I; a Sony NEX-7; a Sony RX100 Mark I; a Panasonic FZ1000; and the Leica version of the Panasonic LX100. The NEX-7 and the RX100 didn't stay long. I sold them.

I use the K-3 and the LX100/Leica D-Lux almost exclusively, and the FZ1000 every now and then. The E-M5 is greatly admired, like a shelf trophy, but seldom used.

There is a clear pattern of purposeless inconsistency here, so I guess everything's fine.

I think its fair to say, only mirrorless bodies released in the last 24 months have really shown the development. The NEX-7 era of mirrorless weren't really competitive against the DSLR offerings. However of you look at the A7R2, A9, GH5, OM-D M1ii, XT-2 and the top middle end then look at the G7, X-T20, A6300 at the bottom end and they really do compete strongly against the DSLR offerings on price and performance. In my view the mirrorless offerings offer better 'bang for buck' across the entire spectrum.

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In about 15 years I'll be remembering a time when they still used big mirrors in cameras and didn't use an EVF. Like Film, some DSLR's will be around but it will be for old school enthusiasts only

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The future is mirrorless, everyone sees it, as shown in the sales

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DPReview were actually in Thailand trying a new product (hence the announcement later today), expect first look on the new Sony camera later today! (actually done a few weeks ago in the Sony factory at Thailand)

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Wow, can't remember such a serious bug happening for any other manufacturer in recent times? Poor show

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Andrew Elliott: I have an EM1 but, sadly, want one of these, too!
Despite having several modern full frame cameras, I find the EM1 a great low light camera because of the excellent IBIS. Whilst the FF cameras are all better at higher ISOs, the IBIS generally allows shooting with low ISO values using the EM1 and the results have a lot of 'room', dynamic-rangely speaking.
With very good, small lenses, I certainly think MFT in general has a well-deserved place in the market.

Or get a Sony A7ii or A7R2 and get the best of both worlds, full frame and IBIS

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On article Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V (234 comments in total)

The phase detect AF is going to make the next RX10 very interesting indeed, might even keep up with some top end DSLR's

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Would have been nice to have a front control wheel by the shutter button, really don't know why they don't have it

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