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As a long time supporter of Apple, I will seriously reconsider either to buy their product again. This step simply show how clueless they are on the impact by not having a SD card, it just say if you want to have convenient for your SD card, go some where else.
I believe Photography user is a majority for osx, so they demand us to transfer 64GB or even 128GB+ via wireless....
Good luck!

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victor china: so will it be maybe possible to export fuji xtrans dngs to DXO>?

maybe (although i am not sure about it from the way the diagram looks).

Don't think so, as the flow will transfer the Fuji Xtrans Raw file to DXO, but DXO won't able the ready Fuji Xtrans Raw....

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Emacs23: Same size as Canon 85/f1.8 and slightly smaller than equivalent Nikon. About the same low light performance (FF vs APS-C), more than twice expensive (three times more expensive than Canon). And the performance will be worse than those full framers, because to be better it should be better than Otus 55 (which is about on par with Nikon 85/1.8G at equivalent apertures mounted on D600, Otus mounted on Nikon D7100).

I would suggest not to compare apple skin to orange skin, but look at complete system level.
I'm happy with this lens in term of size, weight and price(if this lens perform well like other fuji prime)

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yabokkie: it says "fast and wide" in the title.

I'd say moderately fast and moderately wide for a 35/2.1 equiv.
that's the work it can do, no more, no less.

I think you are not understand what is aperture. The fact is aperture not only affect DOF, f1.4 is always f1.4 in exposure triangle not matter what format the sensor are. So yes, it is fast.

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TonyinJapan: Mmmm, is the X100 series known to be not so sharp when shot wide-open at f2.0? Looking a the white flower pic (DSCF0166), it has a hazy glaze over the whole shot – even in the centre where I guess the main focus should be. Is this the norm for the lens when shot wide-open?

It look like nothing in focus, is it beyond the min focus distance?

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Fatality: I wouldn't upgrade to 6D not even for $500. To me, the 6D is worth about $1000 MAX.. My 60D is more superior than this camera (which currently sells for $780), not only that it takes EF and EF-S lenses, but it even has a shutter speed of 8000.. pfff This is a major failure from Canon.

Have you ever shooting out door at day time with F1.4 aperture?

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marike6: One of the posters below gave the best chuckle of the night. They would never buy such a lens because, in their words, it's slow.

a) This lens has a huge 82mm filter thread. A hypothetical zoom with constant f2 or faster max aperture would be the size of a can of Foster's Lager and would cost 4 times the price at least.

b) everybody here is fully aware of the advantages of fast primes but this lens is made for when it's not practical to change lenses to get the shot as in photojournalism, sport, weddings, etc

b) f2.8 is a common max aperture on the standard FF professional grade lens like those from Nikon and Canon.

That 14-35 properly not big compare to full frame lens, but it is almost 1kg .... m43 standard zoom lens with 1kg weight.... seriously not make sense.

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