Lives in Spain Inland Andalucia, North Malaga region, Spain
Works as a Photographer/Consultant BSL Allen HonFZPS,AHFAP
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Our website (see HomePage link) gives useful info about the Zone 8 Photo Society. Articles on the main website ( are only occasionally updated because the Society Members have their own Forum website, with lots of Technical Information Leaflets (printable) on a wide range of topics, constantly updated and with new additions, which together with their Newsletter and Free Advice Service, provides a unique source of information on a wide range of photographic and computing topics.
Equipment: Sigma SD9 (since day one) still working fine and SD14 now joined that. Kodak 14n (used for specific work). Also still have 5x4 and 6x9 film cameras, etc.

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  • One thing I couldn't quite work out though is will they be pocketable and can they be put into my post box if I should be out when delivered?
  • Replied in I have a...
    Many thanks - could not find another of the SanDisc readers, checked out your recommendation and found a Transcend same as you posted link to but from more local - about same equivalent ...
  • To quote a leading character in a UK TV series.  I ordered, via - but was said to be coming from dealer - the SanDisc USB3 card reader recommended.  Delivered today - only 2 ...
  • Sorry cannot be specific as never done that but seems a good idea!  One suggestion is to make a simple wooden frame (2"x2" section for sufficient strength and rigidity) and cover with some fleecy ...
  • As mentioned, have the Sandisc on order but will retain your info "in case".  :-)
  • As took at same time, thought might be interesting to post for a comparison.  With the SD1 Merrill and 17-50 lens (handheld but has Image Stabilisation ie: Optical version)
  • Created discussion thread Update on older 24-120 performance
    When I found time to get out to try and take some Autumnal colours (Fall) of course, after almost 18 months with virtually no rain, it decided (Hurrah, really, as need to refill reservoirs) I ...
  • Replied in 1 Candidate
    Thanks Aaro - I'll do a search in my region for one of those. :-) Found one on Spanish for about €27.00 including delivery from France so not bad and will have the security of Amazon if ...
  • Yes - always have been very careful. However, as mentioned, the very old original (bought in 2003) Fujifilm USB2 reader has always been fine - probably due its good construction. The guides for ...
  • Lot of hard work for that Steve but excellent end result.
  • Created discussion thread USB3 Card Reader for CF cards
    Why am I asking?  Well, CF cards may seem fairly substantial but have always had the problem of ending with bent pins inside the reader slot due (mostly) poor guide systems to locate the edges ...
  • Replied in PC Hanging UP
    Hi Trevor.  If you have a graphics card, they can sometimes (due cable being slightly pressed one way or another at back) slightly come out of their slots - just enough to cause such a problem.  ...
  • Replied in Simple!
    Faststone Image Resizer (resizing is included in Faststone Image Viewer but this separate offering is simpler and has more features).
  • To be f1.8 the lens diameter would need to be 75mm if the focal length of that lens is as shown i.e. 135mm and it's obviously nothing like the  f1.8 claimed in the diagram.   f8 is perhaps more ...
  • Check camera now when out of the plastic cover and see if it has "gone away". If so (and it does look like this as the cause) it was part of the plastic rain cover over part of the front of the ...
  • The gentleman (and doesn't he look the part!) has his knot tied correctly. Half-Windsor which relates specifically to the clothing period depicted. Tell him (the friend) he looks very elegant. ...
  • Certainly has not been down in Spain. Working fine here.
  • Don't know what you bought but I have three that I use, as required, for swapping in/out three older IDE drives which have some files stored, so need them occasionally and simple to connect as and ...
  • Replied in My solution!
    I have always used simple rucsacs.  I form a stout cardboard inner to ensure the sides do not "fall in" to make access difficult.  Then put in some partitions to keep things apart. Before the box ...
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