Lives in Spain Inland Andalucia, North Malaga region, Spain
Works as a Photographer/Consultant BSL Allen HonFZPS,AHFAP
Joined on Nov 9, 2001
About me:

Our website (see HomePage link) gives useful info about the Zone 8 Photo Society. Articles on the main website ( are only occasionally updated because the Society Members have their own Forum website, with lots of Technical Information Leaflets (printable) on a wide range of topics, constantly updated and with new additions, which together with their Newsletter and Free Advice Service, provides a unique source of information on a wide range of photographic and computing topics.
Equipment: Sigma SD9 (since day one) still working fine, SD10 and SD14 now joined with later SD1M. Kodak DCS14n (full-frame, used for specific work). Also still have 5x4 and 6x9 film cameras, etc.

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  • Over many years I tried numerous alternative operating systems - the finest was the IBM OS2 Warp/3 but that went, in effect, the way of the superior Betamax system. The real truth is that no matter ...
  • I reckon one of those would fit fine on my SD9, IF I could find an adapter of course!  Meantime, it would fit on my new pocketable model.
  • Good luck with searching - there are hundreds of websites covering all sorts of font designs.  It could well be a specific design created by the original user, so you may never find anything.  Why ...
  • Crikey - time flies Laurence. Shame that somehow we never met up but this Forum has at least brought many enthusiasts together. As a quickie - it's really great to see your regular apt comments on ...
  • Of course I am well aware of the previous use of Hasselblads but that was with film, so I really don't think that would have proven to be the ultimate choice. Interesting that the Hasselblads were ...
  • Back in my film days, teaching the Zone System to users of all formats, mostly from 35mm to 5x4 (but occasionally larger) I formulated my own Zone 8 Exposure System, especially useful for users of ...
  • I generally stick to using the Kingston brand and normally only 1GB cards.  I don't use motordrive approach - background in 5x4 film large format so one shot per image.  Also, keep away from large ...
  • Replied in +1
  • Hi Tom. You may find updating your driver, etc. will add that profile. Here's the link. ...
  • That could be the answer BUT also note that often the image file is being written but nothing shows when it's doing this (meaning no flashing indicator light - nor when it stops) to help.  Make ...
  • You've found out my secret!
  • ... all those sticks sticking up in the water are the tops of others who have sunk!  :-) Nice shot!
  • In general, zooms are fine but it is important to get any zoom with internal zooming optics. Why? Simple. Those that zoom by the body moving in/out tend to suck dust into the camera that then ...
  • This link may also be helpful
  • Great!  I'll send MS the bill.  :-)
  • You should have guessed it was the OZ version Vitée i.e. down-under!  :-)
  • Glad to be of help. It was a recurring problem for me (and obviously many others) over a long period and no previous suggestions worked. I was lucky in finding the details on MS website but as ...
  • I reckon "I are" Ted!  :-)
  • Hi. I posted full instructions on how to solve this update problem, so a Search would have found this as was only in recent couple of weeks. The link to that thread is: ...
  • In the real World, you would need to reinstall Win 7, so assuming you have the original discs? you can do that.  However, to safeguard your existing files and suchlike, I would really advise ...
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