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We need it for EM 10 also! I never use 1/60- 1/180.

Its the best update Oly must make to all cams that can support it.
For me its crucial for the market share Oly needs. You cannot sell a product that reduces the resolution of the cam by e.g. 50% or 10 % or 20% at common shutter speeds, and expect to gain market traction. By the way, Oly is the manufacturer i have given the most money and have used the less than any other photographic brand.

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brycesteiner: Excellent! Good Job Olympus for adding features like this. I have to update. It makes me feel better about my purchase.

I sold Oly em-1 because of shuttershock. I sold leica me. I didnt have a small cam i can rely as a main camera besides my nikon df.

i so much like m43 and i was so furstrated with the shock issue at all m43 cams. Finally got a gm1 fir the shock proof mechanical shutter but unfirtunatelly its usable up to 1/500. Now if electronic first curtain is diffused to more oly cams i will eventually get a proper m43 cam

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Jogger: I could see these doing well in Walmart, Target, Staples, or Radioshack. There is a place for cheap off-brand, products like this. And, in many places around the world, American nameplates are still well regarded; e.g. Buick is considered a luxury brand in China.

To all negative posters: Just judge the product in accordance to its target market, not if the company's new start isnt luxurious enough. Nikon is 80 yrs in the market, so what, you don t want to support new entries to the market?? Its sick if so. Otherwise pay the "price" of oligopoly or monopoly. I support new efforts and i understand new doesnt have the back up powers of old, so what. Update your level and dont feel secure just supporting an estabished brand, but understanding what a new brand entrie means

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Nice composition and theme, but for me its partially ruined from the HDR effect. I always prefer the showdows fill light, up to the point they still look natural, even when this means that they r black enough. Same for tonal range, tonal range should not be equally spread from black to white as many believe here. Tonal range must follow the realism limit and not any mathematical/structural driven lightness curve.

Also i would prefare a 3:2 ratio and may be a tighter frame

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