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Interesting to see he thinks Canikon making inferior mirrorless is damaging the credibility of the market. Perhaps it's a deliberate ploy to protect their DSLR sales. Maybe they're not as dim witted as people think.

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Happy Christmas. Here's hoping you giving several greetings based on geography doesn't spark an equivalency debate.

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Did anyone else flick through hoping to find the one of the dogs playing poker? I now realise the obvious reasons why this was never going to happen, but my anticipation was through the roof for a good 60 seconds to begin with.

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Do the DPR staff draw straws on who gets to review Canon or Nikon DSLRs? The guy with the shortest straw has to the do the review, yes?

It seems you guys are damned if you do and damned if you don't when it comes to reviewing this sort of kit.

Thanks for the review anyway. I appreciate something this comprehensive takes a lot of time, and I understand you're reviewing the camera as a whole and not just the sensor. Unlike some.

Merry Christmas.

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Why don't you create a dedicated forum to discuss DoF equivalence with crop sensors? And then somehow, when people go in there to post, sort of lock the door so they're all trapped inside and can't get out.

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Scrozzy: Dear Mr Wilhite,

It's a hard G.



I was starting to get worried there - a day went by without a reply sounding sanctimonious and pedantic. Thank you for fixing my internets.

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Dear Mr Wilhite,

It's a hard G.



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Once you cut through all the equivalency mumbo jumbo from the self-proclaimed optical experts and physicists, and while we love these people dearly (really we do), the fact is Sigma are starting to make lenses that are pretty fricken' good. For the first time, I feel like I can buy a non-Canon lens and not be compromising. I'm elated. This can only end well for most people.

Merry Christmas.

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Did anyone else play the drinking game where you have to take a shot every time he says "disruptive"?

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Hmm, bit underwhelmed at first glance.

I really wanted an entry-level FF upgrade path from a 450D, but I think they've cut too much off. Flash-sync is below a 450D, and they're trying to add shine to the AF by banging on about -3EV to distract people from the fact that the AF sensor has been around for eons.

Hopefully in practice it will be great, but this remains to be seen, and I bet it's expensive ...

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Ah, cool! <3

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h2k: I understand this is a very fast solution to get a potentially interesting pic - which could also easily fail.

Otherwise, if you have a bit of time, wouldn't it be better to take series of shots and mix them in Photoshop using Photomerge and mix modes? It would also remove the need to have a very fixed camera position.

I quite like the idea of doing it in-camera. It ultimately saves time, and if you're happy with the output, then why complicate things. Plus not everyone has the know-how or money to invest in extra software. Although admittedly the case-in-hand is a bad example, as you're likely to be minted or subsidised, but I'm sure you get the idea.

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Ropo16: The Olympus E-30 had this in 2009. Another solution looking for a problem eh, dpreview? Now it's a great feature now the pay masters have slapped it on.

Maybe when Olympus showcase their hardware capturing the biggest event of the year in a prime location and with a large news agency, then they will get the same sort of article written. Oh, but wait - that will NEVER happen. 50p if you can guess why.

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Barney Britton: To everyone who thinks its appropriate to mindlessly troll, have some respect. If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say anything. It's appalling how rude some of the comments are on this page.

You do know how the internet works, right?

Unfortunately when you mix faceless-internet-anonymity and lackluster moderation, you end up with DPReview. Your own stance is what's allowed DPReview to spiral into a cesspit of animosity and anti-community.

I agree with your comment! Morons!

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Der Steppenwolf: Just another example of how stupid it is to actually buy first batch of cameras from ANY brand today. One becomes a paying beta tester for manufacturers. It is a truly sad and unfortunate development.

@Der, yes I think this is the right site.

My point is to eliminate all the bugs, costs and development time have to increase, and there's still no guarantee you'll get all the bugs.

I think in a nutshell, your expectations are too high, but nevertheless, welcome to the digital age. It's a little more complex than the age of cogs and levers, but it has its advantages.

However I agree with you about the early adopters. Suckers.

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Der Steppenwolf: Just another example of how stupid it is to actually buy first batch of cameras from ANY brand today. One becomes a paying beta tester for manufacturers. It is a truly sad and unfortunate development.

Seriously, do you know anything about development? And "truly" sad? Is anyone shedding tears of unfathomable sadness? A cup of reality for table 2, please.

Let's take the alternative and double the development cycle and double the cost of the product. No one will buy it, Nikon will go to the wall, but there's no more easily-correctable wee buggies for you to cry into your milk over.

And in answer to your next question: No, I use a Canon.

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On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review (572 comments in total)

As a Canon user, I'm happy to Olympus score well although I'm not swayed, but I hope other people are. The DSLR sector needs an almighty kick up its complacement and arrogant bum, so that it can start innovating. Viva la revolution.

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StephenMcCloud: Nikon T500? Is that the P500? It says P500 on the top of the camera.

I thought the T500 was replaced when liquid metal came along. I'm surprised they're exhibiting it, to be honest.

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