Cyril Catt

Lives in Australia Newcastle, Australia
Joined on Apr 11, 2007
About me:

Retired agricultural research scientist


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Mitsubishi Zero. Starboard rear P1050316Plesiosaur skeleton P1050331 Plesiosaur display P1050332 Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Looking west from walkway level CIMG3517Sea mist over Marina Bay Gardens. Looking East from Marina Bay Sands Hotel walkway.Blimp_CIMG4045_1024Blimp_CIMG4042_1024Blimp_CIMG4038_1024Mitsubishi Zero. Port front P10503148. Back to lookout positions IMG_1195IMG_1228IMG_1244IMG_1248IMG_1251IMG_1227DogsIMG_1195 Crop.DogsMarina Bay Sands Hotel. View of exterior from east at walkway level CIMG3540Marina Bay Sands Hotel. View of interior looking north east from walkway CIMG3530Marina Bay Sands Hotel. View of interior to south west from walkway CIMG3529Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  View from west at walkway level CIMG35244. The kids want to paddle5. We'll both keep watch while the kids play01. Vasa bow. P1070226 .jpg02. Vasa port bow. P107022703. Vasa port side. P107023200. Vasa sinking. P107023710. Vasa situation 1950. P1070239.jpg11. Vasa search begins. P1070242.jpg12. Vasa search continues. P1070244.jpg13. Vasa. Reclamation begins. P1070245.jpg04. Vasa port quarter. P1070250. min.pp.jpg14. Vasa. Facsimile of Captain's cabin. P1070253.jpg15. Vasa. Facsimile of sundeck. P1070254.jpg16. Vasa shipboard details. P1070257.jpg09. Vasa cutaway model. P1070258.jpg05. Vasa upper stern. P1070269. min.pp.jpg06. Vasa mid stern. P1070270. min.pp.jpg07.  Vasa lower stern. P1070271. min.pp.jpg08. Vasa starboard quarter. P1070273. min.pp.jpgIMG_1122IMG_1142IMG_1180IMG_1190 cropIMG_1192IMG_11946. Daddy Drake eying off the interloper. JPG7. No worries. It's a friend. Have a snack