Cyril Catt

Lives in Australia Newcastle, Australia
Joined on Apr 11, 2007
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Retired agricultural research scientist


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Stitched pan Ma'ala to Ras Marshag"Six days shalt thou labour, but on the Seventh day shalt thou rest". Transit Billet 127, Khormaksar, Aug.'56The Marshag  to Crater town track over Jebel Shamsan. Aden, South Yemen, Aug.'56CIMG6978 Waratah street scene 13 crop of original area.CIMG6978 Waratah street scene ppd 1800s F3.5 ISO80 25mm 39 mm widest zoom 390 mm Full optical zoom 741 mm (full optical with x 1.9 converter set )1560mm (full optical+4x digital zoom)1948 mm = 450mm + 4.33x digizoom  CIMG51487. Stage performer playing a tune on a leaf CIMG2926  450mm, 110s, F5.9, ISO200 closeup of distant performer4. Calligrapher5. Hostess in traditional costume8. Stage performers (panorama stitched from 2 stills)  17 march 2015 450mm 1/60s F5.9 ISO800Stitched lores pan east from Jin Mao tower to Yangpu bridge 5km awayJin Mao tower foyer from aboveNew cars unloaded at Port Adelaide 1640 F5 ISO80 IMG_0116 ppd9. Water lilies and rustic footbridge. Open air theatre restaurant, Saigon  3/10s F3.5 ISO800 EV2CIMG6945 PolAir 'copter over Islington copyPolice helicopter over Islington, NSW: crop of full frame CIMG6945PolAir 'copter over Islington NSW: original frame CIMG6948PolAir 'copter over Islington NSW: crop of full frame CIMG694525 mm  optical zoom only = 25mm 'all in focus mode' CIMG5154540 mm = 450mm + 1.2x digizoom CIMG51442272 mm = 450mm + 5.05x digizoom CIMG5153Kangaroo paw @ 25mm without 'background blur' setting CIMG5155Kangaroo paw @ 25mm with 'background blur' setting CIMG5156Focus on Subject, Strong Bokeh CIMG6876Focus on subject, slight bokeh CIMG6877Focus on background  CIMG6878Casio EX-ZR800 CIMG6892iPhone 6s+ IMG_3161ZR800 shot resized to match 6s+Suva wharf @ 25 mm CIMG6179450mm processed CIMG6182450mm  OOC CIMG61821. Bow 10307052. Bow closeup P10307063. Port side, Observatory in bg P10307104. Port bow P10307295. Starboard quarter LX7 P10102696. Rigging closeup from starboard quarter LX7 P1010269 jpg 7. Starboard bow LX7 P1010275 1. Artist sketching tourist CIMG28892. Assembling model crickets from reeds CIMG28823. Crafting rice powder putty figurines CIMG28886. View of stage over seated diners CIMG2897 25mm 1/8s, F3.5, ISO320787 mm = 450mm + 1.75x digizoom CIMG51451138 mm = 450mm + 2.53x digizoom CIMG5151