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bobn2: This is rather a misleading headline. This is not a 'Microsoft/Nokia merger', it is an acquisition by Microsoft of a major part of Nokia's business. Nokia continues as a separate company.

Nokia continues business solely as a patent troll.

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halc: Six things to expect:

1. All existing WP licensees (except for a couple of small Chinese) will exit WP, leaving MS alone

2. People will grow doubtful towards Nokia devices, now that they are MS devices, which has three times now threatened to obsolete old WP device in a year (that is: you buy every year, or we obsolte your device)

3. MS will keep it's sluggish updates to the lacking features of WP

4. Sales will fall, worldwide market share will fall.

5. MS will fail with WP phones, just as they did with sidekick, zune and many other customer devices they tried in already crowded markets.

6. In 4-6 years MS will replace WP with something new, and call it the true successor of WP, leaving all the remaining WP users stranded.

Agree. Your points sound much more realistic than the ones in the article.
Was about to get the 1020 to replace my failing N8 but Nokia is now dead to me.
Looking at the Sony Xperia instead.

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jcmarfilph: "As for the zoom, you can pick up teleconverters such as this one for a lot less that the QX10. Sure, you can't zoom in and out, nor will the image quality be as good, but $35 is a lot cheaper than $250."

Non-sense. Using iPhone for photography is already non-sense and then buying a cheap garbage plastic telephoto with free vaseline on the lens is another non-sense.

@comet suisei
jcmarfilph is calling a $35 plastic telephoto cheap garbage, not the QX100!

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As usual, this thread is full of posts from camera snobs, gearheads, weenies and wannnabees who are jealous of Alvarez' technical skills.
These photos are fantastic and the 1020 is a great little camera.
The posters criticizing these photos are jealous because they know that National Geographic will never ever ask them to take photos.

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LukeLT63: I do not understand how these items may be of interest in DPR. If the purpose is to talk about every type of photography then why not post articles or reviews on webcam, tablet or any object that makes photos (maybe the clock 007 Agent). :-) As a lover of photography amateur and professional I can only consider articles about real cameras ..... to each his own field.
The pictures are the ones that are considering their quality. A snap remember a walk? .... No offense to Stephen Alvarez but if Nokia had called me for the service I would have refused. The gadgets let them packages of potatoes and snacks.
Please please please.....sorry sorry sorry

You don't understand how an article containing great photos is of no interest to DPR?
You think only photos taken with a DSLR or :real camera" should be considered?
Your post is one of the most stupid I have read in a long time.

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So... no sdcard and now no Zeiss lens?
Think I'll pass.

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I love bling, polished wood and leather, but far out, that is one ugly frickin camera!

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WACONimages: Dear Dpreview,

Why, oh why do we always have to click and click before we can read the article or/and review!!??? You read news on the front-page and think, well I'm interested to read this and give it a click! A new page opens and surprise the same announcement as on the front-page shows up! and only after another click you get to the article.

Is it just me who isn't funned of this... I know it is just another click, but don't see why this is needed?

Its quite simple really. the more times you click and the more pages you open, the more ads you will be (potentially) exposed to.
That is why the reviews and previews are multiple pages with no option to display the entire content on a single long page.

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On photo Odd Ball in the Tiny Things challenge (18 comments in total)
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bluemoonman: Great work & well deserved top spot but why the low votes?

Quite possibly because the voters thought it was a raytraced image.
Myself, I am astounded by the conception and setup.
Top shot indeed.

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photo perzon: The only thing Wozniak should do is buy knee pads and use them daily while thanking God that his luck brought an average skill programmer into the right place time and time again. Lucky lucky average Woz. Oh his opinions on knee pads are welcome. On Apple stuff he is some 30 years past competence.

Lol. haters got to hate.
Woz is not/was never a programmer, he was the hardware hacker with more than average skill.
Safe to say but without Woz there would be no Apple today.

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RaZZ3R Death: Not true about the 42.5mm beeing fastes lens for M43 because we had the Voigtlander with apeture of 0.95

So maybe it should be billed as the fastest autofocus lens which will be readily available.

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smatty: Hmmm, will my dentist choose this Hasselblad over his Leica M9?

Neither. I think your dentist would grab a Leica S with a full set of lenses :)

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Mssimo: $16.95 for a simple how to ebook? I would just pay the guys at luminous landscape a tad more and get 9 hours of video series on all parts of the software.

No ebook should be over $5 bucks.

"A tad more" you say?
L-L's guide to LR4 is $60. That is FOUR times as much as this ebook.

But I don't like that the sample images used in the ebook are an additional $8.95. What a ripoff. They should be free with the ebook.

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