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Isn't the cause a DDoC (Distributed Denial of Competence)?

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The youtube video shows at time 7:05 a snapshot of the 'AF-C CUSTOM SETTINGS' which has a 6th option, with a spanner icon. The other 5 options are being scrolled through, but the 6th isn't in the video. Could DPReview confirm that the 6th option, which is presumably similar to the configuration option found on the X-T2 and X-T3, is found on the X-T30, and if so, to what extent is it similar to the options on the bigger two siblings? That would be much appreciated.

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VT: It's valid - academically - a review does need to point out image quality at all settings.
However -
if dpReview is willing to go the extra mile to also use Capture One, along with a pre-release version of Adobe Camera RAW -
it would also be informative/educational to use Fuji's own:
which is a full production release that supports the X-T3, and anyone who buys the X-T3 would have a copy.

This is a good point, though, maybe not for this particular review, but maybe someone who owns an X-T3 and Adobe Raw could produce a comparison of that with SilkyPix?

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Jock Elliott: Jordan:

I have a far more basic question: why do you choose to use a still/video camera to shoot your videos with Chris instead of a "professional" video camera?

Whenever I see news crews out and about, they're using a dedicated video camera. Ditto for the Netflix series -- Shot in the Dark -- that shows freelancers chasing car crashes in LA at night . . . they all use dedicated video cameras . . . professional models.

Other than "proof of concept" for DP review readers, is there an inherent advantage in using the cameras that you use?

Cheers, Jock

Sorry to barge in, I am a keen photographer, although my enthusiasm exceeds my skill. I am from an electronics engineering background, and I would like to know if there are structured resources one could use to get to understand the latest developments in video, at a technical level, so that I can make sense of all the 4:2:2, F/V/L-log, H.264/5 stuff. Books, websites, etc.? Thanks a lot!

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