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Stigg: it would have been nice to have seen him tackled to the ground very roughly by railroad security just when he brought the drone back.

to say that this is an idiotic and obnoxious pursuit as well as a hazard for others is an extreme understatement. the engineer slamming his window shut illustrates this perfectly. if i was an engineer i would carry something to either disrupt the RF signal or something to knock the drone out of the air.

i hope drones are banned in NYC where i live.

+1 Hypothetically this isn't any different than someone shining laser pointers into airliner cockpits. The railroads have no other choice than to prosecute and/or make an example of this hotdog or risk setting a precedent allowing it to get out of control.

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Equipment and money procured from illegal activity are subject to confiscation by the FBI. Unless of course you testify a gorilla grabbed the controls from you, in which case PETA is rewarded.

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On article Review: Affinity Photo 1.5.2 for desktop (274 comments in total)

"edits are mostly non-destructive". I think that's clarified somewhat further in the review that adjustments are baked in to your edited version when you go to the develop persona. Can I assume that the original file (whether RAW or JPG) are completely safe? !

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News you can use. More like this please DP. And less lame LR tips.

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User0023845795: The world is going insane. And nobody is lifting a finger to stop it.

If it weren't for George Orwell's writings, it would be difficult to put into words what is going on in the world. He may not have prophesized the future, but he was expressing the path of how it came to be. History repeats itself, and what Orwell was exposing in the 1940's was a virus that perpetuates itself by masking and manifesting itself in ways we can't readily recognize. PETA and PC'ness are dismantling free speech and eventually freedom of thought. We're on a bad path. When freedom of speech is lost society starts gathering moss and is eventually choked.

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ZeroGravitas: If you can't see the dust specs normally then why remove them?

Not always, but in some cases further processing to taste may enhance the spots if you're adding contrast, darkening sky etc. I've found it easier to fix spots sooner in the workflow than later when trying to find a similar texture to sample from.

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tangbunna: waving from Cambodia! 👋👋👋👋👋👋

Thanks for checking in Tang

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composed: Lightroom is for simple folks so these "3 simple Lightroom tricks" should serve them well.

Folks- Like this reply to express your "UNLIKE" for Composed's snub towards LR.

Link | Posted on Sep 9, 2017 at 21:38 UTC

Key phrase being "might just teach you a thing". And there "might" also be at least 100.00 other tips and tricks videos for beginners that already have this covered. The spot locating method is stupid, but maybe he hasn't dug deep enough in LR to find the visualize spots button. My god, it's almost as if people are paying DP to post slag content just to promote their brand.

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Buried deep in the exif: "sucka"

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RubberDials: Good article Richard, but silence in the woodshed doesn't indicate toil in the fields.

You can't pull a camera like the A9 or A7rII out of a hat. There is a great tendency to underestimate the technical achievements of Sony and imagine it's trivial for either Nikon or Canon to emulate them.

The absence of IBIS and on-sensor PDAF as well as pixel-binned 4K on the D850 suggests that a FF Nikon mirrorless is more than some way away. The camera would almost certainly require a new mount. What better time to introduce that, if they were going to, than with the D850? A new Nikon mount for a new century...

I think what's far more likely is that the DSLR market will contract over the next ten years and their will be room for only one player. That will probably be Canon. Not the best, but the best known.

@ Rubber, RE: "Silence in the woodshed doesn't indicate toil in the fields" I LIKE that! Never heard it before. I'm going to adopt that quip.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 sample gallery (229 comments in total)
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leamik: Remember nerds: It's "than", and not "then"....


(Forgot a comma...)

"While I mildly agree with the above statement, he did use "it's" incorrectly. :) "...Darn it!! And i proof read my comment so carefully. I'll blame it on auto-fill.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 sample gallery (229 comments in total)
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leamik: Remember nerds: It's "than", and not "then"....


(Forgot a comma...)

Those who are too lazy to learn how to apply the English language properly demonstrate their distain for their society in general, and contribute to it's depreciation.

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Raw conversion is very important to many photographers. What's PSP raw conversion like now? And are there camera updates periodically?

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VENTURE-STAR: I made the huge mistake of buying PSP Pro Ultimate X7 a couple of years ago. It turned out to be over complicated, clumsy and offered no improvement in capability over PSP Pro X2. After an update, I was constantly nagged to upgrade to the next version and ended up uninstalling the package as I just couldn't put up with this nonsense. What also annoyed me was the very poor system of vertical correction and distortion control that was excellent on PSP versions like Pro 8, but was dropped for no obvious reason. Corel just seem to have a moment of madness when they took it out and replaced it with a third rate substitute, for no obvious reason.

As I have no expectation of Corel having made the kind of improvements I want for doing serious work on photographs, I don't think I need this new release, even if they want to give it to me for free.

@ Venture Star- my experience exactly. It just felt like I was always pushing, dragging, and coaxing a big clumsy box through the forest trying to make it do what I needed. I was sucked in for a couple of upgrades when Corel boasted improvements that just didn't exist in my opinion. I've been happy with Adobe's LR and PS subscription ever since I gave up on PSP 3 years ago.
I really wanted to love PSP, but it never materialized.

Link | Posted on Aug 10, 2017 at 02:37 UTC

I'm not into video at all but it makes me want to start :) Is this the software that a typical professional wedding videographer would use?

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On article Video: See exactly how a mechanical DSLR shutter works (91 comments in total)
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mxx: These new fangled mechanics. I yearn for the days of the cloth shutter curtains.

@TN, and gunpowder flash?

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On article Video: See exactly how a mechanical DSLR shutter works (91 comments in total)
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Hugo808: Gosh, I see why they need plenty of oil on them.

Said Nikon when they assembled the D600.

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mcshan: I think she told the runner at first to steal second base.

Best comment so far.

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scokill: When you only weight 75 lbs a lot of things are easier.

Like tying your shoes or getting a date.

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