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dRomano: I don't see the appeal of the wraparound screen. This is the reason why I got the S7 instead of the edge. It looks cool sitting on the table but even with the S7 I can't handle the phone without accidentally activating something on the touchscreen. Putting a case on it solved this but then what the point of the wraparound screen with a case on it? What a dumb design. I'll wait for the next version.

I'm completely with you on that! I returned the Note 7 last year before the whole battery fiasco, simply for that design issue. People seem to love it, but when it comes to practicality, reading these curved screens is a torture, in addition to having the extreme edge sensitivity issue. Alas, every manufacturer seems to be going that way now...

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Looks like I will be keeping my Samsung Note 4... With its 16 megapixel camera, the higher resolution in this case seems to make a huge difference in the JPEG files, in most areas of the target.

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maljo@inreach.com: I have 10 terabytes of images; not ready to move them to the Cloud.
I like the concept, though.

Well, I have Google Drive's business solution, and at $9.99 per month and up to 11 TB of space, that can't be beat. I have already uploaded a couple of TB of images as a third, cloud-based backup solution, and it didn't take more than 2 weeks to upload via a cable modem high speed internet line.

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Biological_Viewfinder: WTF is going on here?

Is this DPR or NPR?

How about using photography for good causes? Whether it is sponsored by a trash bag company or not, it helps raise awareness through photography.

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On article In photos: Taking the lid off America's trash cans (38 comments in total)

Love the series, it really shows the dramatic differences in trash separation and use between different families.

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JWest: "I even noticed some of the folks on our tour putting big digital cameras aside once in a while and pulling out their cell phones"

I get that the best camera is the one you have on you. I get that mobile phones can take pretty decent pictures, in ideal conditions. But it takes a special kind of idiot to bother carrying his SLR around, then put it down and start snapping away with his smartphone.

I do tend to take snapshots with my (Android) cellphone camera on photoshoots. For one thing, my DSLR doesn't geotag my pictures, and it is a good way for me to remember where I was when I need to keyword my photos after a long trip. Also, the visual aspect of cellphone photos is different, and I find them easier to "optimize" quickly in Android apps than in Photoshop (and I am a stickler when it comes to quality). They just look different, and sometime more visually appealing if one applies the great layer effects available in apps like Pixlr. Photoshop is always the ultimate app to go to when it comes to making high-quality files (and prints), but the creative possibilities of phone apps can give me new ideas on how to work with files in Photoshop.

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On photo Peak Cavern - The Tube in RobEavis's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Outstanding shot, one of the best I have seen so far on the dpreview challenges. Congrats on your win!

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Wow! For a "cell phone camera", the image quality is remarkable. The major downside is the cell phone thickness, which means that they may have a hard time to make many converts.

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On photo Gulf Pier in the -Long Exposure of Moving Water- challenge (8 comments in total)

Beautiful, love the colors!

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