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mydpname: I bought my D3 at the end of 2009, switching to Nikon from a full arsenal of Canon gear. I'm still shooting with that D3 today. Best camera I have ever owned.

I still have my D3 , D3S and a D2XS. All low shutter count. I have plenty of batteries, plenty of cards, and, they will see me out. As I'm retired, I am over the " spending frenzy ". :-)

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Photo-Art: Sony bodies are the ugliest and most uninspiring cameras ever. It's pretty much like an Acer laptop.

You beat me to it... I was looking at that body, and just wondered why SONY didn't design it with rounded edges. Just awful.

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My old manual focus Nikkor lens " Live again " . :-)

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On article Sony to announce a new camera in the next 24 hours (171 comments in total)

I'm so excited............ NOT

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EricWN: Slow news day, no new Apple product to get the readers upset about, let’s search for something Leica price related. Sure win.

Exactly.......... some people have more $$$ than good sense ....

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cosinaphile: i hate to confess how cool this camera is ,....seems .... I would have loved some low key engraving on the almost too barren top plate maybe an origin \ serial#\ factory name as tasteful and perfect as the rest of the camera

iunderstand its on the hotshoe , still something

I had a couple of F3HP ( no, they weren't on Hire Purchase), but, " High Eye-port , from memory.

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Andrew Elliott: The crucial question here is what model is that watch?

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ffking: I don't understand - surely 10 feet is more than two metres...?

Yes, it's 3.048 meters, to be exact

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quiquae: A 300mm F2.8 is one of those halo lenses for optics makers. I'm sure that 300F2.8G II represents the very best that Nikon could do when they designed it ten years ago. The fact that a zoom now arguably exceeds it in wide-open resolution is nothing short of astounding.

What will we see ten years from now, a superzoom that resolves like primes? Don't laugh too hard, because it's the same laughter you would have made ten years ago at the possibility of zooms putting super-telephoto primes out of business.

I'm happy with my 1997 Nikon 300mm 2.8 AF-S lens.
One of the first that was produced. Nikon got it to me, just before I moved back to Australia after 4 years, 8 months living in Japan. As I don't shoot a great deal, it's in perfect condition. I even have the " Drop in CPL for it " .
I sold my Nikon 300mm 2.8 A-I to help pay for the new toy.

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Fao91: Middle aged men doing faces in thumbnails!!
Who the hell started that ridiculous trend??

It's our " Divine Right " to complain.

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Fao91: Middle aged men doing faces in thumbnails!!
Who the hell started that ridiculous trend??

I thought the same thing, We come here to review reviews etc. Not to see some clown pulling stupid faces.

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edwinzphoto: The gear that change my life - batteries... can't do without them!

Don't forget the battery charger, and, while we are at it .... " Memory Cards ". Remember to put them in the camera. I forgot once, and, my photos just didn't turn out.

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D6 at WPPI (282 comments in total)
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melgross: Meh. Not much here. Focus should be really good after a 4 year wait. But what about the 60%, or so, of the screen without any focus sensors? Other cameras are now giving 90% of the screen focus sensors.

I still have two Nikon F5 bodies here, with KR64 in them :-) I got some great photos, all with KR64 film as well. Shooting motor sport .

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horvendile: Re picture 5, you're saying that I will have to bring my own gaffer's tape? That might be ok for entry level cameras but for a camera in this price class it should definitely be included. Not cool, Nikon.

Not many :-)

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YoPo: I used mostly there papers.. The MG are exceptional in quality and very economic. The FB have a more demanding development process, but produce nicer results.

I still miss the smell of the darkroom.

I, too, used to use ILFORD Multigrade paper when I was printing my Black and White negs. I think I still have a box of 12 x 15 paper buried away.

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linzdoctor7d: Mr Nagata put an e-mount on the A99m2 body! The size of the A7 series and A9 is too small! I hate these small bodies!

My thoughts entirely. When you are shooting with lenses from 300mm f2.8 upwards, you need a big body. Makes the whole outfit better balanced, and, easier to use.

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Well, they won't capture me . Happy with my current gear .

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Volodja: Is that zoom ring made of metal as in all S lenses?

Imagine you want to photograph without gloves at say -10C.
Japan ae engineers should know that it’s not everywhere as warm as in Japan.

How do fingers/palm will feel supporting piece of metal at theae temperatures?

Most of manufacturers are using ruberized rings and not only for better tactile and grip properties. There are good reasons to do so.

Volodja , It gets freezing cold in Japan as well. Especially in the north of the main island, and, also in Hokkaido. It's also extremely hot and humid in Japan in summer. I lived in Japan for 5 years, and, have traveled over much of the country

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Razor512: I was wondering, since polar bears are not very fast, and are also quite friendly, would it work to photograph them with a lens like the 105mm f/1.4? it is cheaper, but has better quality than the zoom lens.

I like a man with a " sense of humour " :-)

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Rooru S: It would have been nice if DPR added some history bits on how this lens was made available in such color.

That's correct. I lived in Japan from 1993 to September, 1997. Spent a lot of Yen at Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku. Nikon in Japan publish as official price list ( well, they did when I lived there ) and , some of the lenses ( only a few ), were listed as " Light Grey ". My Nikon 300mm f2.8 AF-S (1997), and, my Nikon 500mm f4 AF-I were purchased at Yodobashi Camera Store in West Shinjuku. Even my Nikon 8 mm f2.8 lens came from Yodobashi. It was on the shelf, with a sign saying " Peter, Buy Me ." :-) BTW,,,, My lenses are black. Another item that Nikon only sold in Japan, were these lens bags. Type size. #58 and #59. #58 was designed for lens such as the Nikon 399 mm f2.8, and #59 for lenses 400mm and upwards. They never made any longer gabs. My 800mm 5.6 is a bit long, so, I put a Nikon SB24 flash case over the end of tje 800mm lens to give some protection from the rain.

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