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Heated handgrip? All they have to do is to include 'warm gloves' with the camera.

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I had Sony 50mm F1.2 in the 80s and it was already an extraordinary lent but for some screws that had a tendency to get loose screwing up the sharpness at times

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GrosseFatigue: This why to this date I never bought an Apple. I never liked this experience in their stores. The crowd was not my people. It had more to do with religion and I am not religious.

I tried because I was interested by their watch and check their ipad pro too and I did not like the experience one bit. You could not buy them without buying a warranty if I recall so the guy who claim that they gave him a new screen for free most likely he had paid for it when he bought his display. They wont fix anything. You buy a warranty and they gave you a new product if you brake it. No ticky no washy.

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This why to this date I never bought an Apple. I never liked this experience in their stores. The crowd was not my people. It had more to do with religion and I am not religious.

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The French have Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Henri IV

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I had an Olympus Half Frame format in the 70s and I carried it around like a cell phone today, I loved it but with the technology of todays cell phone cameras it looks like the Four Thirds System was the wrong bet. FF is taking over and Olympus gets squeezed out. I will miss Olympus if they go out of business. I always liked the design of their cameras. They were the compact cameras of our time.

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I think you are much better off with something like a 17" Dell 7740 laptop and a separate one or two 32" LG 4K or more screen. This is my set up.

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Jason: Thanks, Mr. Sanyal, for the breakdown. I think most of us are inclined to try to break everything down to key specs, in which scenario Apple almost always loses. But, as the article makes clear, it's not about a individual specs--it's about the entire experience, much of which is invisible to the user. Are there phones out there that are technically better at photography than the latest iPhone? Yep. Are they going to give you the best overall results and experience? Probably not. For people accustomed to judging tech by specs alone (like most DPR readers, no doubt), that's difficult to appreciate.

In fact, it's so difficult for me to appreciate that every time I get ready to buy a new Apple product, I get angry about the prices and start shopping around. But I always end up with Apple, and I never regret it.

Same here. I get angry about everything, their close system, their warranty, their prices and for a long time their bad screens compared to Samsung. At some point I was ready to buy one only for their watch. Plus the fact that today their stores are filled with 10 years old. There is not a single adult. I could not identify myself with their crowd.

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barrym1966: plenty of EGPUs been available for years, or build your own :)

Blackmagic just reinvented something that already exists :)

gtx 1070 here, or buy a breakout box and put any gpu in you like

May as well get the 15" Razer with a 1070.

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