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bobbarber: Here's what I don't understand. People claim that FF has the best IQ. I'll concede that point. (It's not true, though. Medium format digital has better IQ, for example.) But since when has "best" IQ decided what cameras people buy?

In the 80s, you could buy 35mm film, medium format, or large format. 35mm had the worst IQ, and the best sales. We have always been able to spend more, and carry more weight, for improved IQ. But people choose not to.

The improvement of medium format film and large format film over 35mm film was huge too, much greater than FF digital over m43, for example, which requires pixel peeping on computers, and produces prints at all common sizes up to 13x19" which are virtually or actually indistinguishable.

35mm film, too, gave better telephoto reach, a big reason it was so popular.

What has changed, FF digital fans? Why do we all of a sudden want to pay LOTS more for body and lenses, for a MINIMAL IQ improvement, when that has NEVER been the case in the past?

Well said Bob. I'm sure that the IQ of today's tech hasn't contributed anything to actually taking a better photograph. If you don't have the eye, who cares how good the IQ of your equipment is. Creativity comes from the brain not the equipment. It goes back to the old line, that a bad craftsman blames his tools.

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