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So you got me thinkin" and typin'.
The underlying challenge to adobe is the non-pro photo hobbyist, Lightroom and photoshop are very mature that do not motivate the hobbyist to upgrade. If Adobe were to use Microsofts' approach, kill the product. Adobe must fight the fight or go out of business, (ie As 238,000+ former newspaper emp will attest)
Camera Raw, the underlying barrier to the hobbyist when they buy new equipment or having to convert all Proprietary RAW files to DNG.
In conclusion, If Adobe is to survive, its all about cashflow and the subscription model is really the only alternative for them since the glitter of "got to have enhancements" has faded into Adobe's midlife crisis. For Adobe is to survive, users will need to accept Adobe as a subscription service like phone, TV, newspaper, or cable or "cut the cord" The digital age is the subscription age and so far, it is as palatable as cold potatoes with gravy to most people.

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aris14: No matter the Leica contribution in photography which I highly appreciate, their main achievement in nowadays is that they can persuade enough consumers that their hugely overpriced products can deliver noticeable results in any terms compared to those offered by competition at a fraction of the cost.
And judging by the result we have to accept they manage to do it exceptionally well by investing in a unique mixture of sentiment and craftsmanship mainly aiming to an audience worshiping vanity and distinction.

I totally agree and well put.....but ohhhh, the way the controls feel and move! Then again, .rollex vs casio......tesla vs volt.......Lamborghini vs corvette....leica vs ricoh......it is a great time to be alive!

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Its dum but I want one! AAAAnd, this would be an occasion to pop open that last can of "new" Coke I bought many years ago!

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