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  • Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? Again? ........................................ really?
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    Are you saying that VRII has poor performance wide open at f2.8 aperture? You obviously have extremely bad copy of that lens. Is that a used, 2nd hand VRII copy? And what is a lack of close focus ...
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    If VRII did not have focus breathing "problem", would you get E lens anyway? Focus breathing could be an issue for some applications under certain circumstances, and E offers solution for that matter.
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    You love to interpret everything literarely, right? In a creative sens all those activities are passive activities, and you are just a consumer and not a creative element at all. But I don't expect ...
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    Look, if you think that Earth is flat, you're just being silly. Did you catch a drift??? No? I never said equipment is not important, so please refrain from twisting my words, and go read my ...
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    Thanks for reminding me. Obviously creating a meaningful photography is not a goal of numerous people gathering here, it's only a byproduct of ever lasting urge to posses latest and greatest new ...
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    Bottom-line is: In capable hands any of those four 70-200mm zoom lenses (three Nikkors, Tamron G2) will produce stunning images. In hands of mediocre user (and those do prevail, just like in any ...
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    Sorry, but you obviously are talking utter nonsense. That lens Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 G VRII was praised for many, many years among working pros as a holly trinity "bread and butter" lens (beside ...
  • I believe you wanted to use term "envy" instead of "jealousy", right? However, more then often it's not envy, people just have a different approach to the same matter, that's all. I use both Nikkor ...
  • Nobody knows but Nikon, so ... anything else is just a worthless jibber-jabbering.
  • Color rendering is very subjective matter. Also, with PP possibilities available today you can adjust color rendering profile for any lens. Thus this topic is hardly worth further serious discussion.
  • No, it's a matter of poor taste and poor PP. The lens itself is just great!
  • Certainly a bit higher then hair gel budget of The Angry Photographer. :-D
  • Be warned, you can read a lot of BS across the web. You have seen ONE comparison shot? And so ... you concluded that "60-600mm produces noticeably sharper captures at 600mm" ?!? Sweet indeed. :-D
  • Is this a joke or you are serious?!? How about to wait till someone make tripod with "For Z7 only" label?  :-D Any tripod high enough will do well, just take care about tripod weight capacity if ...
  • No, sorry, you are wrong, you have shot exactly 330 frames, then your Z7 shut off. Upon that in your sleepwalk you charged battery, shot another 330 frames, and again and again ...
    ... and after...

  • Yeah, but gearheads DON'T care about real life camera (and battery) performance 'cause they are not photographers.

  • What kind of risk are you worried about?
  • You obviously do not need 10x zoom range, you only need 600mm FL. You do not need versatility, you need 600mm prime. There is absolutely no chance at all that 60-600mm would surpass 150-600 in IQ, ...
  • That' fine ... so, why do you care?
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